The Power of Journaling: A New Years Resolution 132 Days Later

Nearly 7 hours and 5,999 words later - Synopsis: What started as a simple way to learn runes, has transformed my life in unexpected ways. Vibe Time has become part of my identity and I look forward to it every single day. 132 days later and I have embraced who I am. Who I have always been. #VibeTime #Journaling #MentalHealth

As is the norm in my life these days, this storytime is about 2 months late.


Oh well.

Doesn’t really matter when this story is published in the grand scheme of things, as long as I get it out there.


If you didn’t know, I am a scout. I am an adult scout. And I am a scout leader for youth and adults.

So, not only do I help guide youth and adults through scoutcraft skills to earn badges, but I am also working on earning my own badges.

In 6 days, I will be joining a group of friends on a 16-mile backpacking trip as part of earning our Practical Training Strip. A strip that requires knowledge of knots, of camping rules and regulations, of local and nationwide politics, and why physical fitness is so critical.

I have been looking forward to this 16-mile milestone for 4 years. And I am more than ready.

Well, back when I started thinking PAST the Practical Training Strip and what comes next around the end of January, I wasn’t so ready, or as ready as I am now. But, for once, I was actually able to make plans for a future I didn’t know was accessible to me.

So, somewhere between mid-Jan and mid-Feb, I had the epiphany that my journaling might be able to fulfill another goal in scouting that I have been thinking off and on about.

The Rover Quests and the Progress Thong.

Like a shiny jewel, I knew that was the next logical step. I have been thinking about these quests ever since I learned about them way back in September 2017.

I have had ideas off and on how to accomplish these quests, but nothing ever stuck. Nothing ever sparked that flame within to make me go for it wholly.

But when I started writing 132 days ago, little did I know, that not only does my Vibe Time fulfill the requirements of one quest, but this journey of mine that was born from a simple New Year’s Eve resolution, fulfills the needs for four quests ON TOP OF helping me continually become my best version.

These quests are: the Quest for Spiritual, the Quest of Happiness, the Quest of Conscience, and the Quest for Beauty (Descriptions at the end of the story).

I re-read the explanation of what is required to earn the Progress Throng multiple times to make sure it wasn’t against the “rules” to fulfill FOUR quests from the same method – i.e. daily journaling, or that I needed to earn the Practical Training Strip first before I could work on my quests like the Rambler badge required.

The only thing I saw was that I needed to “choose, plan, and devote at least 6 months to a Quest and keep a record of your activities” and that “the Rover may choose to pursue more than a single Quest if there are several they wish to work towards, but they will likely find it easier to work on a single Quest at a time.”


side note: I can honestly say that while the Quests are in the back of my mind, they are just a bonus to why I am journaling. I do not journal BECAUSE of the Quests. I journal because it’s cathartic and enlightening. Journaling has become apart of my identity at this point.

Anyway, there is NOTHING about having to use different methods to successfully fulfill the requirements for a Quest OR needing to have earned the Practical Training Strip before working towards a quest (or 4).

So, with that loophole, I wrote down how my Vibe Time would fulfill the criteria for 4 different quests at the same time.

Hey, go big because YOLO, No Regerts, and all that R&B.

To be real honest here, I haven’t re-read OR edited my Quest(s) Proposal since I wrote it back in February-ish. So, I have no idea if I am still on the same path as what I originally proposed.

My Quest(s) Proposal (1st Update at the end of storytime)

Through my daily Vibe Time (quest for spiritual), I have become the person I want to be – someone that is happy, that makes others smiles, that brightens the lives of others, with zero expectations or strings, thus making me a happier person (quest of happiness). And because I have finally become this person, I am settling into living by the values of my own conscience and have started developing my own character so I can make difficult decisions from a place of logic, reason, wisdom not fear or emotion (quest of conscience). All of this is happening behind the scenes while my photography and my writing allows me to discover, respect, and express the beauty in the world through the pursuit of art (quest for beauty).

Please Note: the examples and stories I share from my daily entries are just pieces of the whole picture. I have decided that my journals are not secret diaries, but rather my story and some things I think people would benefit from greatly. But, I will never share the whole picture. Those pieces are for me and my family. Gotta keep some things a mystery.

Quick legend:

  1. Journal #1: Jan 1st, 2023 – Feb 3rd, 2023
  2. Journal #2: Feb 2nd, 2023 – March 4th, 2023
  3. Journal #3: March 4th, 2023 – April 30th, 2023
  4. Journal #4: May 1st, 2023 – current

Alright, let’s go.

Journal #1

The text on the cover says, “the universe is full of magical things.” – Eden Phillpotts

At the end of 2022, I decided that one of my 2023 Resolutions was to “commit to writing in a journal, with a pen, every day, for a year.” Yep. Every. Single. Day. All 365 of them.

I made this resolution for a number of reasons.

Up till Jan. 1st, 2023, I abhorred writing in a journal because my brain figured that it would be too hard to then get it into the proper format to be published.

yeah. makes no sense, but it is what it is.

At first, I wanted to connect with the written word again while also diving deeper into my spirituality. I had just learned about paganism and witchcraft and spirituality and Wiccan practices.

I’m a writer. I write to think through things, process my reality, and piece things together. So, journaling sounded like a logical next step for me to sort through the chaos in my brain in a physical way that I could pick up and look back on, especially when it came to questioning and exploring and defining my philosophy and spirituality.

At the time, all my understandings and knowledge was surface level. I spent the last year healing and was able to arrive at who I truly am. It was time for me to settle a little this year, take things a little slower, a little deeper, follow some rabbit holes, and find what this next chapter in my life has for me.

Then, I decided I would journal as a way to learn runes and track my progress. You see, runes have been catching my eye for a few years now. At one point over the last 5 years, they became enough of an obsession that I started wondering if I was a Viking in a previous life.

I still don’t know the answer, but my obsession waned, or probably got replaced by something useless. However, when I went to the Through The Veil witchcraft store for the first time, I saw a couple of beginner rune kits near the wall o’ tarot decks and that was it.

I asked for runes for Christmas, got them, and I haven’t looked back.

My first journal of the year is pretty much only about runes, their history, their meanings, and my interpretations according to my experience, and a few tarot cards. I pulled a rune a day and honed my intentions and learned to trust the guidance I sought and the intuition that showed up.

I became more aware of connections and “coincidences.” And I started thanking my spirit guides and the Universe for always guiding me, being grateful instead of ungrateful. That first journal was all about me finding my spiritual legs.

But, before I could really start, I needed to name this daily journaling task. That’s just how my brain works. It’s like finding the perfect title and everything else falls into place.

“Journal Time” was too boring and this was heavily becoming the time I spent connecting to my spirituality and beliefs, not just journaling for the sake of journaling.

On Jan 5th, 2023, I wrote about what spirituality means to me. This is part of what I wrote:

Spirituality to me is about spending energy that is in balance with my mind, body spirit.
Spirituality to me is about connecting with my natural world and the people in my life.
Spirituality to me is about KNOWING (not just believing) there is a light at the end of the tunnel, even if you can’t see it yet.
Spirituality to me is about believing in the stars, the moon, the sun, the things we cannot see or understand.
Spirituality to me is about the connection of all things, and is flexible as I grow.


I researched all about what spirituality means and looks like in the real world. So much so, that I first called this act a “Spirituality Session.”

But that was too many syllables. With the help of some fellow witches, on Jan 5th, I came up with other options: Witchwork, sublime time, sitting in the ether, vibin’, signs along the journey, medial magic, positive vibes only, vibin’ scribin’, MBST (mind, body, soul time).

Yeah, there were some interesting candidates.

I realized I was overthinking this, so I went back to the beginning, my roots.

I am a positive vibes only kind of human. I will send you positive healing vibes when you need it. I will send you positive travel vibes for a safe journey. I will send you positive moving vibes when you have to move houses. I will send you positive vibes for just about anything.

If there is a vibe, I’m vibin’. That’s just who I am these days.

I live in positive vibe land. This probably isn’t how I actually stumbled upon Vibe Time, but it is how I have begun to process everything in my life. Every decision. Every heartache. Every painful day and happy moment.

I write it out. I write it down. I let the chaos in my mind go. Because, once I let it all free, the solution always appears. And that is how Vibe Time has become a permanent part of my life.

By the end of that first journal, and halfway into the second, it suddenly occurred to me that I fell head over heels in love with putting pen to paper. It became, and still is, cathartic. Vibe Time is something I look forward to every single day. A part of the day where I spend unloadin’, vibin’, and rechargin’.

By Journal #2, I expanded what I wrote about. I still worked on learning runes. But I also worked on learning more about me and what fueled me at my roots.

Text on cover says, “look to the stars.”

I also spent a lot of time in Journal #2 trying to put my photography, my art, into words. While I am getting close to a description, this is a question I am still pondering my answer too. And maybe I always will. Maybe it’s as fluid as my positive vibes.

At the end of each journal, I go through every single entry and write the highlights and watch how it all connects as an outsider looking in.

I find it fascinating now, looking back at my entry on Feb 11th, 2023, and the affirmations of who I am (see below), and realize that that was when my Mama Wolf Hear Me HOWL design I completed on May 5th, 2023, was born

I am a warrior.
I am a survivor.
I am an artist.
I am strong.
I am steady.
I am beautiful chaos.
I am here to leave my mark.
I am here to help people learn how to love themselves again.
I am smart.
I am consistent.
I am free.
I am alive.
I am a dreamer.
I am a doer.
I am a writer.
I am a photographer.
I am stubborn, feisty, and I am fierce.
Hear me HOWL.
I know what I want and I am not holding back anymore.

– Me

The above affirmations came after I woke up and lost my self-control and ranted on FB about the new Harry Potter game because a TERF is benefiting from every sale.

I lost it. That night, I pulled the rune, Fehu. It is the rune of fresh starts, power, control, success, happiness, and prosperity. Fehu reminds us that it is time to rest and enjoy the benefits.

I pulled Fehu with the intention of seeking guidance from my Spirit Guides and the Universe because I needed help deciding if the energy I was feeling vibrating out of my skin – because, for the first time in my life, everything was aligning by following through, being consistent, and cementing new habits – if I needed to rein it back in from the manic state I was experiencing, or just let that energy free and try my best to keep up with it.

My interpretation of Fehu against my situation is that I have finally given the keeper of my pandora’s box a sense of freedom, a sense of pure alignment, and I couldn’t, “in good conscience keep the keeper chained and bound.” Fehu was just the reminder I needed that I am in control of my future, my reactions, my success, and my happiness, I just need to trust the process, the universe – and most importantly – myself.

That day, I cemented who I was. A wolf. hear me HOWL.

Also in Journal #2, I started exploring stoicism, the philosophy I live by. It’s kind of neat to realize that I am not alone in the way I interact with my world. That I am not weird. And this was one of the poems I wrote after spending time reflecting on what stoicism means:

While I spent most of February sick, I did grow a lot in February. For instance, I finally found the confidence to step into who I am and who I have always been, which helped me gain the bravery to launch my Etsy page and sell my very first photo.

But the most shocking thing I learned over the course of Journal #2, was that, while my resolution was to write every single day, I was forced to miss a few days because I was just way too sick to even open my eyes longer than it takes to go pee. And guess what? The world didn’t end, my brain didn’t combust, my soul didn’t wither away and die, and the sun rose again.

I missed a day and it didn’t break me. I will not be able to say I wrote every single day this year anymore, and IDGAF.

I missed a day because I listened to my body. And I will be able to say, with full honesty and transparency, that I did not drive myself into the ground trying to obtain a SELF-IMPOSED goal.

It is MY GOAL. I make the rules. Therefore, my 2023 resolution is no longer to “commit to writing in a journal, with a pen, every day, for a year.” My updated 2023 resolution is to “commit to writing in a journal when I feel called to open and write.”

Now that I am halfway through Journal #4, I can honestly say that, without realizing it was happening, I have been called to open and write in my journal every single day since that realization.

It was never a chore or an ugh, otherwise I would never have started journaling. Who needs that toxicity?

Journaling has become a way for me to not only learn more about runes, about spirituality, about gods and goddesses, about who I am, about the legacy I want, but journaling has become a way to connect with my inner child who is finally able to come out and live.

Journaling has become a way for me to write down and think through every single obstacle or problem I need to think through, make a decision, or provide an answer.

Journaling has become an outlet for my frustrations, my anger, my truth, and my pain.

And by journal #3, EVERYTHING went into my journal. Every. Thing. It helped that it had more pages than my first 2.

I not only started taking runes more seriously by learning about spreads, bind runes, and quizzing myself, but I also started learning about rituals and chants and affirmations.

I learned about the power of full moons and how to let go, celebrate, and then manifest for the coming month.

I will be honest here for a moment. I haven’t completed a full moon celebration since February. I kind of miss going to the ceremonies but I am honestly, also kind of people’d out. I have become much closer with a lot of humans recently that I absolutely love having in my life.

I see them regularly. We tight.

Attending ceremonies steals spoons that take away from my inner circle.

So, on that note, I just now realize I think the next logical step is to create a space for my own rituals. Hmmmmm.

Let’s table that. (On re-reading and editing – added to my Habitica).

Journal #3.

My husband had to make a HUGE decision regarding work. If he didn’t want to find a new job, he would need to agree to be part of the travel team.

Great. Fun.

A travel team that could be gone anywhere from 2 weeks to 6 months at a time.

Um. Gulp. Wha-?

I bet you know what I did next.


I journaled.


We have been talking about this possibility off and on for months. We never had many details. And definitely not the timeframe. But it’s another thing when the hypothetical becomes reality.

Every time we talked though, I reserved my judgment and didn’t take a side one way or the other. I was Switzerland on this decision. And that was on purpose, for a reason I am about to explain.

I had to seek what he would regret more. On March 8th, 2023, I threw away the answer I wanted to give, and asked him, “is this something you actually want to do? Or is it just something to do so you don’t have to look for another job?

In my soul, I knew his answer. But I needed to hear it from him.

Did I want him to go? No. I’d miss him and it turns out that I rely on him A LOT. The whole family does. He is a critical part of our life. A limb.

But I also didn’t want him to stay home. This was a chance for him to get outside of his comfort zone and explore and live and adventure.

But I was also jealous because I am the adventurer. I want to be the one to travel. Ugh. He was going to leave me behind.

But I was also happy for him because I knew what his answer would be.

So, when he said “both”, my fingers didn’t even touch the keyboard as I wrote, “then my answer is do it!”

I didn’t hesitate to provide the answer because I support him. I love him. And this is his turn. I had my turn to follow my dream. It’s his turn to “leave the nest.”

And sometimes, nope, all the times, when you love someone, you have to give them your approval and show your support, no matter what your selfish desires are.

A year ago, I wouldn’t have arrived at that confidence to let go of my selfish desires. I would have totally made him stay home 6 months ago. I was struggling. I couldn’t be left alone. I needed him. I needed to see him every single day. My independence depended on him

But this year, with the help of journaling, plus all of the healing I did last year, I am in the healthiest place I have ever been, and I will support my husband, no matter what.

It just makes our days together that much more special, our time that much deeper, and our respect that much higher.

Turns out, when you try to start to practice living in the way you will be when without your other half – you start to see all the things they do around the home. All the little details you missed in the mundane every day.

You learn just how heavy the dog food bag is and how to make the weekly Wednesday On Our Own Night Frozen French Bread dinner that has become a thing.

And you get to experience just how cold it is in the morning when you get to run the dogs first. But most importantly, you start loving a little harder, you start thanking a little more, and you start understanding the other side a little bit better.

It’s crazy to think that realizing all of those pieces, only happened because I started writing in a journal on Jan 1st, 2023. I am sure these realizations would have come eventually, but it nearly wouldn’t have been as cathartic, or simple.

And on March 8th, 2023, I asked my Spirit Guides and the Universe, as I pulled a rune, “help me find the peace to let go of the last bit of my selfish tendencies.”

I pulled Dagaz, the rune of beginnings, optimism, transformation. Dagaz symbolizes a positive major change incoming as one era ends and a new one begins. One that brings with it good fortune, growth, confidence, prosperity.

And it was on March 8th, 2023, that Dagaz changed everything. It was that day that I realized this was a final test. A test in my healing. my knowledge, my strength. A challenge to my values, my beliefs, my truth. And a roadblock that could have the power to throw the balance and happiness and peace I have worked so hard for – off track.

It was on this day that I made a vow to remain grounded, remain present. A vow to seek help from others without hesitation. A vow to focus on the positive, always, and a promise to not lose myself or any progress.

Over the course of Journal #3, I not only started brainstorming about my second novel (finally), I put in ink my non-negotiables and the legacy I wanted to leave behind on March 12th, 2023:

What’s my legacy?
I want to be known for:
having fun always
laughing and living
accomplishing my goals
a friend
a mom – the “best” mom but I’ll take what I can get!
My morals and never wavering
Positive vibes
inspirational, creative, chaos, bold
adventurous & curious
a trier (try-er?)
open, wild, free
a helper
a leader
an ally
The best wife

– Me

I wrote into the universe of what I am punting behind me and what I am bringing with me.

For instance, I am letting go of needing to do it all while waiting for the perfect moment, and welcoming my unapologetic, authentic self as I radiate hope, optimism, light, strength, bravery, courage, curiosity, drive, perseverance, explorer, scout, creative, problem solver.

(PICTURE of weird stick figure XYZ)

15 days later, I wrote my thoughts after reading “Token Black Girl: A Memoir” by Danielle Prescod

I had to. That book was heavy. It opened my understanding to a whole new, deeper level and helped me see the world differently.

It made me start paying attention to little things, like how people talked, what people shared on social media, even which tv shows had diverse casts and which didn’t.

And as I started paying attention, making observations, and taking notes, I started thinking about my role as an ally. I started wondering how I could be a better Black ally. Which then led me to question if it would be ethical to take what I was learning about what it means to be Black in America, and apply those experiences and lessons for the Fight for Alphabet Mafia Rights.

And then I started feeling guilty because how could I be a good Black ally if I was trying to steal lessons to use for how to be a better Alphabet Mafia ally. How dare I take energy from Black allyship.

3 days later, on March 30th, 2023, after reading “The Three Mothers: How the Mothers of Martin Luther King, Jr., Malcolm X, and James Baldwin Shaped a Nation” by Anna Malaika Tubbs, I came to the realization that to be an ally, is to be an ally. Not for one group, but for them all.

Because when they come for one, they come for us all.

I originally read Anna’s book AND Danielle’s book as part of the New Year Kindle Challenge in honor of Black History Month. What started as a need to unlock all 15 challenge achievements, ended up wakening something in me.

I don’t remember what day between the 27th and 30th I was made aware of the call, but when I saw it, I knew that was something I could do, that WE could do.

A couple of Alphabet Mafia members put together a Protest for Trans Rights in our community with about 4 days’ notice. About 50-75 people showed up. It wasn’t huge. Cars honked. We walked. We chanted. Louder. Cheers. Smiles.

We walked maybe 5 blocks out and back. But it was wet, rainy, and the best feeling ever. I can’t describe the energy that I felt in that crowd, standing tall with a group of people fighting for their lives as we demanded a better world for children like our daughter.

As my family and I turned to leave, I noticed the people on the outside that looked strategically placed. Regular citizens. And it was then, that I remembered, the bar across from where the march ended, was a well-known far-right biker club.

And that cemented the “why” I need to always be a better ally.

Journal #3 went on and on and on. By the end of it though, I had brainstormed so much of my next novel that I came to the knowing that it was time to finally puts words into sentences into paragraphs into pages into chapters on April 23rd, 2023.

And in between realizing I had ghosted myself, having a soul-charging scout campout, and asking the runes what I needed to take away from the wide variety of life lessons learned in Journal #3 and bring forward to Journal #4, I discovered that it was time to embrace who I am as a writer and a photographer, a mother, a wife, and as a human being.

Gebo, the rune of generosity, friendship, gifts, and the connection between giver and receiver reminded me that my gifts, my talents, my abilities are gifts from higher realms.

A message from the universe, Gebo reminded me that I need to keep making the most of the things I love and have been given to leave my mark on the world.

That night, I started chapter 2 of my 2nd novel. A document whose 1st chapter I wrote back in November 2022 and had ZERO ideas for, only a title written in permanent marker.

That was, until Journal #3.

Bringing me to Journal #4.

My first entry was on May 1st, 2023. It is now the 13th and I am halfway through it.

My journal now goes with me up to bed. Just in case. And in case has happened. A few times. Especially when it comes to my 2nd novel.

I don’t know where this journal will take me, lead me, push me. But I am curious to find out.

I have already written about a Lucid Nightmare and about how I am trying to become the best friend who helps but has become a little too much instead and then I realized the other day that I need to go back to cool, calm, cucumber and not be a manic, panic, tennis ball.

On May 9th, 2023, 128 days after my first journal entry in Journal #1, I had a conversation with a friend at a scout practice hike night about what fuels us. I don’t remember what they said. The epiphany I had unfortunately eclipsed all else happening around me.

That conversation made me finally, and truly accept, that I am a creator and it’s time I stop holding myself back.

Because on May 9th, 2023, I realized that,

“The act of creating, fuels my soul. My soul craves creation, not recognition or praise. My soul needs to create to feel fulfilled and balanced. Creating is who I am. It is in my DNA. I am a writer, a photographer, a graphic designer. I am an artist. I am a creator. My soul language is creation…”

– Me

That new knowledge knocked me for a literal loop.

I have been learning pieces of this over the past 132 days and beyond. But journaling 90% of the days has brought me new realizations, new understandings, new values, new feelings.

Journaling and Vibe Time has allowed me to start learning about myself from different angles as I take a closer look at why I do what I do, why I love what I love.

Letting all the chaos in my brain out and onto the page has allowed me space to explore new questions, new ideas, new theories, new curiosities.

Turns out, when you don’t hold all that shit in your head, you actually can scrape away the surface level and dive as deep as you are ready for.

Vibe Time was originally born out of the desire to combine learning runes and connect to my spirituality with the wish to start journaling to just see what would happen.

If you told me 132 days ago that I would be sitting here, excited that I am almost done with this story so I can go write Chapter 5 of Novel #2, that I completely shut down my Spirited Wolf Media brand and ghosted it off the internet after finally embracing that freelancing is not for me, and now I am going all in on my photography, my writing, and contracting – I would have scoffed.

This takes guts. Professional Artist. And someday soon I will be working in the publishing world. Because, on February 13th, 2023, I discovered my future is in the world of publishing, and the very next day, I pulled Wyrd (blank rune of kismet and destiny) and knew immediately that this is it. I am reaching the boss level.

I just need to get rid of some spoon suckers that are draining me before I can evict them and refresh some spoons to get serious about finding a more permanent job.

Hey, maybe that will be where the last half of Journal #4 is headed. But maybe not.

Whatever happens, happens, so be it, because I trust the universe and my spirit guides to guide me on my path when I am ready and not a moment too soon, or too late.

Check back in the future for update #2

In the meantime, Adventure on with Curiosity
<//> Kelly Steele

1st Update

The Quest for Spiritual

  • OG Plan: become a happier person because of daily vibe time, learning how to be happy, helps other smile, brightens the lives of others, zero expectations
  • Quest Description: A Rover on this Quest seeks to build a stronger connection between themselves and their religion, the natural world, or any other pursuit that brings them a deep and personally meaningful peace.
  • 132 days later: I am DEFINITELY building a much stronger, more robust connection with my spirituality and philosophy, which has brought me immense strength and peace.

The Quest of Happiness

  • OG Plan: Part of Quest for Spiritual plan actually.
  • Quest Description:  The Rover selects this Quest to find new opportunities to make others smile. They have a constant air of cheerfulness about them and carry it into all their endeavors, personifying the eighth point of the Scout Law. They strive to brighten the lives of others and aim to make the world a happier place, which in return makes him or herself a happier person for doing so.
  • 132 days later: They have become so intertwined, I am not sure where the spiritual exists and my happiness and the need to bring my light and happiness to others, begins.

The Quest of Conscience

  • OG Plan: I have finally become this person, I am settling into living by the values of my own conscience and have started developing my own character so I can make difficult decisions from a place of logic, reason, wisdom not fear or emotion
  • Quest Description: The Rover strives to live by the values of their own conscience. Realizing that conflicts are common in life, the Rover must develop the quality of their own character to ensure their ability to make the right moral or ethical decision in a given situation. The Rover’s own wisdom, reason, and sense of logic must be the determining factors in making difficult decisions rather than fear or emotional sentiment.
  • 132 days later: Um. Check. Done. Pass. A+. As proved by my dilemma about my husband’s job offer and my journey to becoming a better ally.

The Quest for Beauty

  • OG Plan: all of this is happening behind the scenes while my photography and my writing allows me to discover, respect, and express the beauty in the world through the pursuit of art
  • Quest Description: Through the pursuit of art, music, study of nature, and/or the practices of chivalry and courtesy, the Rover seeks to discover, respect, and express beauty in the world around them in all of its many forms.
  • 132 days later:I find it ironic that when I typed up this proposal, I couldn’t confidently say, or would I even admit to the fact that I am an artist, let alone, a professional artist. But sitting with the tax man made me realize that I am an artist and I need to take that by the reins. I am an artist in most all that I do. There is also a caveat regarding this one. I have been posting a single photo a day on my Instagram to share the parts of the world that I find beautiful and worthwhile and that has helped me realize, too, that an artist is who I have always meant to become. So, this quest is actually part in the journals, but mostly in the growth of my portfolio and the stories I share with each photo I share.

I am still on the fence about adding the Quest of Truth to my proposal. But, it’s in the back of my mind.

side note: I just want to say that I am not doing this to earn a cool badge and be egotistical about it. I am on this journey to truly become the best version of myself and leave my mark on the world for good.

Other quests include ones of honesty, citizenship, service, leadership, animals, and bettering oneself through personal efficiency, which now that I read it again against what I am already discovering, I may be on the fence about this one too.

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