Neurodivergent Unschooling Adventures: Step 2 – Procrastination

preparing visual schedules. cutting out laminated pieces.

Today is technically the first day of school here in our PNW district.

I knew this day was coming.

I even prepared the kids to be ready to learn today.

Her favorite backpack filled with all. the. goodies.

And here we are. 1 kid is awake. Watching someone play a game on Youtube while she herself – plays on her tablet.

And the other one is still asleep at 1033am (update: she woke up about 1130am).

Meanwhile – I feel like I have a giant boulder in my throat because I have zero clue what I am actually going to teach the girls today.

In turn – my panic levels have increased tenfold. Can I even do this? I am definitely not qualified.

It’s the first day of school – I AM SUPPOSED TO BE TEACHING THEM SOMETHING.

But…it’s also the first “official” day of unschooling.

We are unschooling for a reason.

And that is to stop the panicking, and the anxiety, and the guilt and the shame.

So here I am – relieving this weekend because I am procrastinating going through my emails so I can procrastinate about figuring out what to teach.

Which is INSANE!

We have been doing some form of unofficial unschooling every day since May.

And the one thing it has felt since then – is natural.

So why am I stressing now? We incorporate a little learning in every day life. But we approach learning as a “go-with-the-flow” type of education.

Just because its the official first day of school – does not mean we need to change tactics all of a sudden.

Turns out – I am just combating all of my years of brick-and-mortar education and having a case of FOMO watching my social media channels fill with back-to-school photos.

Society dictates that on the first day of school – photos must be taken, learning must be done, exhaustion must be had.

For the first time since our 11 yr old started preschool – our first day of school – is NOT going to look like that.

What we are doing – is working.

So today – maybe we just take a look at the different workbooks we have accumulated.

Or maybe I will finally organize the front room.

Or perhaps we just see where today takes us.

Narrator: workbooks were not opened but Mama got the girls to read actual books for 10 mins today. oh and kitty cuddles were had.

Sometimes learning comes in the form of cat hugs.

Now – once I finally finish the girls’ daily visual schedules – watch out world – the Steele’s are going to be unstoppable. Except when we arrive at a stop sign.

Or a red light.

Of course.

Adventure on with Curiosity (and learn whatever you want to learn today),
– Mama Steele

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