Self-Distancing on The Compound: Day 2 – Realizing Reality

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It is crazy to sit here and think that just last Thursday, 4 days ago, when I woke up, I could never have dreamt all that has happened.

We are currently facing a pandemic, that is going to be a test of our humanity. It is like someone somewhere, is pushing ALL THE BUTTONS!!!!

Hopefully to reset this glitch we seem to be experiencing.

Stores are closing down, fast food restaurants, schools, events. Our nation is coming to a giant halt. Almost like pressing the restart button. I feel in my heart that this maybe exactly what we need as a nation. It’s unfortunate yes. And sucks. But, I hope that we can come together stronger, after we take the time to practice social distancing and take a look and reevaluate our lives.

Or all the people that have passed away from COVID19/Coronavirus will rise up from the dead, a civil war will break out, and all those hollywood apocalypse movies will feel safe.

I am clearly hoping for the former reality, not the latter reality.

Friday, was a surreal moment in time.

The entire day, I couldn’t stop laughing. Because there is nobody that would buy this manuscript called PANDEMIC: SOCIAL SELF -DISTANCING EXPERIMENT: REAL LIFE EDITION.

I dont think anyone could even come up with what is happening right now.

Even yesterday, saturday, or as I like to refer to it as – Day 1 – just was a whole other level of hot mess.

Running around town, trying to get all the final pieces that we need to be able to survive.

As if come midnight tonight, the date moves forward, and the final race to freedom is all within our grasp… long as we bunker down, never venturing past the confines of The Compound.

I woke up this morning, with a to do list 1000 tasks long.

I am not even mad about it. And honestly, I have zero stress. I am completely at peace of what is unfurling.

It is as if my soul is ready to be an anchor for others that are weathering this.

Last year, I was on a mission of finding the purpose, the meaning, the reason – of my life.

Something, anything, that would bring me immense passion, and peace.

But last year turned sour for me. I lost that mission. And I started settling for what life I was living.

I gave up. I thought that that mission was nonsense, too Hollywood, too……..fairy tell.

It all started with my epiphany and the founding of Spirited Wolf Media

And last night, the final piece of this puzzle, finally fit in to place.

Last year, I realized that I wanted to be a helper, a healer, for those in need. But I knew working in Emergency Services, was not for me.

The only thing I could think of, was working as a 911 operator because I am good at talking on the phone.

I hit a wall and couldnt think of anything else I could possibly do. So I put it on the backburner for a while.

Until one night at family dinner, where I just let this idea I had been stirring around in my brain, out.

I told my family. I asked for help. And guidance.

And a week later, the epiphany was had. I do not believe in coincidences.

So on this eve of the first Monday in our post-pandemic world, I am taking stock of what I am good at, and figuring out how to put my skills to use to make sure The Compound, does not dissolve into utter chaos.

There are 9 of us living on this land. And while it is fairly large, the Compound can quite easily devolve.

So tonight, at Family Dinner, I checked in with 8 of the 9 people here. And I asked them questions so that we all have an idea of what’s going on with one another.

So that we all know that we can and need to ask one another for help when needed.

  • What is on your calendar this week?
  • What projects do you need/want to work on?
  • Do you need help with anything?
  • What are you worried about?
  • What does your self care look like?
  • What are you excited about/makes you smile?

This list is by no means, concrete. It is as fluid as this Pandemic.

But for me, I am good at organizing and checking in and empathizing and making sure people have what they need.

This, is my calling.

You see, I think one of the reasons that this whole situation seems so surreal to me, is that I am focused on the future and trying to figure out what I need to do now, so that we survive this stronger, more resilient, and in one piece.

So tonight, after all of our remote work stations were set up. After all of us had logged on, set up our brand new spaces, tested out that all connections are working, and that we will be able to hit the ground running tomorrow morning.

With as little stress as possible.

After locking the computer and walking down the stairs to my screaming kids, reality finally hit.

And as of this point, I am optimistically cautious.

I dont know about your adventures, but I know that mine NEVER start without a glitch or 10.

So for me, Day 2 of Self-Distancing, is about taking a deep breath, closing my eyes, knowing that whatever happens tomorrow, is temporary.

That whatever glitch(es) happen tomorrow, will be resolved one way or another.

And that I am strong enough to adapt, be flexible, and take it moment by moment.

Because tomorrow, is the First Monday on this brand new trail, this new path, this new adventure.

How are you doing? Have you checked in with yourself? With your family and friends? What can I help you with?

Long Live and Adventure On!

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