Self-Distancing on The Compond: Day 1. CALL TO ACTION!

Mission Right Choice

Objective: What comes next?

Location: The Compound, home of Super Paws Pack and Super Steele Family Adventures

Date: March 14th (mmmm pi), 2020

Post-Mission Thought Download

Quarantine Day 1: Today….was an insane day that seemed like I should be waking anytime, hoping its before your alarm because the insanity of this dream cant possibly keep going – and sleepily mumbling instantly “woah dude….I just had the trippiest of dreams. It felt so real…..but there is no way the insanity I just dreamed just happened in just the last week!!!!!!!”

But….I havent had that experience….yet. I mean, the universe is still young…..

No. Instead, it’s been one insane thing after another.

I have watched enough apocalyptic themed movies…to realize that I may have watched too many and grown too numb? No. Complacent. Ignorant. To think that any of those movie special effects could happen.

Not to us….common folk.

But today, while rounding up some final things for this quarantine, the atmosphere everywhere was thick with dread and anxiety and doom and the unknown.

During the holidays, you can feel happiness and merriness in the air.

During spring, you can feel rebirth and growth happening.

During summer, you can feel the laughter and freedom flowing.

During fall, you can feel the crisp autumn air embracing children as they go to school.

During winter, you can feel the days shortening, the time with family lengthening.

But during a pandemic, you feel…..caged.

Scared of the unknown.

Hopeless because you are overwhelmed.

Worried about what comes next.

Unsure of how to think about the future. Not wanting to plan for a future when it seems so dark and scary.

Is there a future?

But…its easy to get sucked in to the dark and scary.

To stop fighting our way out of the cage.

To let go of Anchors in the storm.

However, life is real. It is raw, and ugly. But beautiful and chaotic.

The current situation we are in, is going to test us in all ways. Personally, mentally and physically.

These next few days, weeks, months, are going to take its toll on us.

So we need to not get stuck in the storm.

It is important that we look for the helpers….BE the helpers.

It is important that we look within ourselves, and reconnect with our humanity.

This is not a vacation. This is not a special holiday that we can get together with our friends, play games together, venture in to populated areas, together.

This is not going to be easy.

It is going to take alot from us.

This is the final test to prove our morality and humanity.

This is about taking care of our community.

This is the moment, of ALL moments, to heal. To prove that we care, that all humans are worthy of protecting.

Because we do not know what is coming next. We have the power to shape the future we want.

So, on day 1 of this quarantine, take a moment and ask yourself these questions:

  • How is this pandemic quarantine affecting my life? The lives of people I care for? The lives of people I dont know?
  • Am I reacting or responding?
  • Am I focusing on the unknowns? The anger? The inconveniences?
  • Or am I focusing on the here and now? The moments that make you smile? The anchors in the storms?
  • What life experiences have I had up until this moment in my life, can I pull from, that will help me in this moment. And the next. And the next.
  • Will my life, ever be the same after this?
  • What comes next? What will my life look like after this?
  • What do I need to do today, in order to be open for what the universe is sending my way?
  • What do I need to do today, in order to make sure my community continues to thrive?

At this point, we have entered a new phase that will be forever remembered as – pre COVID19/Coronavirus


Your pre life, will never look the same.

So use the time we have right now, for at least the next 2 weeks, to internalize this pre vs post reality.

Visit with your inner voice. Cut thru the mental bullshit. Get real.

It is going to suck. And it is going to hurt. You will want to cry and fight and resist as hard as you possibly can.

And do that. Fight like your life depended on it.

Because it kind of does.

So. What does my next best choice look like?

I choose to come to terms with the fact that how I deal with this situation, in this exact moment, will be the foundation to my post-COVID19/Coronavirus reality.

Will it be made from sand? Or will it be made from stone?

We all have the power to make our own choices. Will you make your next choice – the best one? right one?

I will go first. This is a sucky situation. It just is. But I HAVE to find the humor in it all. Otherwise, I would sleep cry.

And today, at the end of the insane week we had, I never stopped finding the humor in it all. I found something to laugh about everywhere I turned.

And it feels good. My head is going to hit my pillow tonight and be at peace.

So….you wanna hear one story from this insane day?

I have completely lost my voice and am currently on an involuntary suspension of using my vocal chords.

And must rely on text messaging……and playing charades……

p.s. I have quickly determined that 8 out of the 9 of us living on The Compound…………….including me……..SUCK at charades.

This….shall be entertaining.

P.p.s. I do NOT have COVID-19. This cycle happens every. Single. dang. Year. 

Thank you seasonal allergies. 

It starts with liquid falling out of my eyeballs and nose. Then those fluids travel to the water slide that is my throat. 

And when it gets tired of that fun attraction, my allergies decide they want a break and lounge out, clogging my nostrils. 

But it doesnt stop there. 

Once my allergies are fully relaxed, and recharged, they spend a night out on the town. 

This year….my allergies are super social so they have partied so intensely all day and night, that my vocal chords went down HARD.

And now they are currently regretting their poor decisions in deciding to start a vlog documenting Quarantine. 

Hopefully, by forcing myself to stop making any sort of sound (which, by the way… not great timing when the girls havent taken ANY of their meds today), just hopefully, my allergies will decide to end their trip with a little bit of humility left. 

Or they wont. And The Allergies will continue making poor choices. 

This…..shall be an adventure…..

P.p.p.s deciding to start a VLOG, documenting our life…..and talking….incessently……might have had a teeny, tiny hand in this….dilemma.

And on that note, I am sending warm wakanda hugs your way and positive vibes to surround you.

Stay Resilient! Get your wiggles out. Because you got this!

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