E is Amazing

Last Monday, on my brunch break (because my lunch is at 830am!), I had to drive over to my husband’s work because I forgot something at home and needed it. I also forgot what it was. Anyways, thankfully he works about 10 minutes away. Less if school isn’t in session.

And he also works kitty-corner to a Burgerville, which has my fave – Fish n’ Chips! So I stopped there for lunch brunch. Yes. They are open that early. And yes – Fish n’ Chips at 830 in AM is a totally acceptable time to eat Fish n’ Chips doused in malt vinegar and lemon juice.

Wait…I am getting distracted from the point of this post. A side effect of finally being on the right dosage of happy pills – a brain that has so much to talk about it can be a tad overwhelming and a bit distracting.

Anyways. After picking up whatever I forgot, and getting my Fish n’ Chips, as I was about 2 blocks away from my work – the “DREADED” caller ID flashed on phone.

The school.

I glanced at the time. 852Am.

Seriously? School has barely started! What set my child off? And see a previous post for my entire mental checklist that yes, I did go thru, right before I answered this call.

I touched the round green phone button.

“Yes..?” I hesitantly said.

“Is this E’s mom?” The caller said excitedly.

“Yes…?” Or maybe not depending on how this call unfolds I thought to myself.

“Say Hi E!”

“Hi Mama!” My lovebug said quietly excited.

“We are calling you because I just learned that E did something really fantastic at school. Do you want to tell her E?”


“That’s OK E. Is it OK if I tell your mom?”

“yes” she muttered

“E received a leader of the day award for helping another student! September’s character of the month was Kindness and she will be award as one of our student’s of the month, this Friday at 9am!” The principal emphasized with congratulatory emphasis.

“Yayayayayayayaya E!!!! I am SO PROUD OF YOU! Congrats lovebug. I am so proud of you for helping others and being kind!”

And the rest of the conversation I completely forgot about.

Our E?!? Was recognized for an act of kindness and was a student of the month?

The same child whom I picked up or had to go to school for, about 3 out of 5 days of every week in Kindergarten?

The same child whom we 90% convinced ourselves to just end 1st grade 9 days early?

Yes! Our E!

She has made such HUGE strides and has learned and grown SO MUCH!

I was a puddle of emotions after getting that phone call.

I was still riding the high that was E’s best scout camp-out EVER!

And I was still in EPIC pain from hurting my ankle.

But now….I had to hope and pray that my team lead would approve me PTO for 2 hours so I could watch our E get recognized at an all school assembly!!!!!!!

Thankfully it was. I didn’t tell E that I was going to be there, just in case. But E’s Auntie and Grandmommy were going to go. And thankfully, I made it, and brought Papa!

E’s smile when she saw us standing in the school lobby – I wish I had a picture to forever capture the ear-to-ear-deep-belly-full-body smile

It was a special day. I am so proud of both of my kids. I know how hard life can be for both of them.

But E, after this summer – it is like she shed the old E’s skin and transformed. Much like a butterfly.

She is reading chapter books (skipped past books with big words or short sentences).

She talks non-stop (even though the more excited she is, the faster she talks, and the less we can understand still)

She is learning how to recognize when she needs a break.

She is teaching herself how to hang upside down on the handle bar arm thingy-ma-bobs.

She is laughing. She is learning. She is living. She is kind. She is persistent. She is determined. She is magical.

She still has her rough days. Moments when her brain goes offline. And those moments are tough for everyone. But they are becoming fewer and farther between.

E is amazing. And we are so proud of her.

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