Part 1: My Perspective – The Beginning

Part 1: My Perspective– The Beginning

We spent 12hrs in 2 different ERs last Sunday night into Monday morning bc Thing 1 was in severe pain. And then it disappeared.

Well it came back. And now we are going on hour 4 tonight with no end in sight.

So….what better time than now, to finally write my side of what transpired this summer.


Well, got half of it done before being discharged after spending 6hrs in the ER. And then we went home and it has taken me 2 more days to get back to editing and finishing this. But I need to write this. I need to finally stop letting this situation hold power over my wellbeing.

So. Without further ado. It is time to travel back in time to the summer of 2015.

Thing 1 was starting kinder. And we needed to figure out what to do with her after school. Daddy and I were both working a schedule that would not allow us to be there when she got off the bus. And in kinder, someone has to be at the bus stop to get them on and off.

That was just not going to happen.

So we had to figure it out. We had heard about, and seen, a local martial arts taekwondo school that was in our area that had an afterschool program. It was spendy.

Super spendy.

We talked to our neighbors who had both of their kids enrolled and we had seen first (second?) hand that that specific martial arts program seemed to be pretty good for their kiddos. So why not ours?

We set up a meeting. We got all the information. They told us their values and what they expected from their students and parents. Honor, integrity, perseverance, self-control, among others. They expected, no demanded, respect. Not respectful? Not welcome.

They expected parents to work together with them so that we were all on the same page, making it smoother and easier, less confusing, for the kids.

And pushups and wallsits were given for acting out, getting in trouble, not being respectful, etc.

Then they mentioned they were Christian but made a point to tell us that they accepted everyone and were open minded (they even have a spiel to say at their tests. I never sat in on a class. So I honestly have no idea what was being said in classes)

Anywho. Great. All of that sounded great. These were all values we wanted to instill in our children. And the more people we could surround our kids with that shared those same values….awesome!

In respect to the religious aspect, we aren’t religious per se. We believe something is out there. But we do not have a formal belief in something. We are just open minded. But we wanted our children to get a wider view of the world and learn from people who have different values than us. And the masters did not seem like the type of people that would push their beliefs on others. That was key for us.

So we signed up.

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