2B Day 7: Pride. hUmaNITY. Love

Day 7 – 299 LBS (Total Loss: 5LBS!)

5lbs down!!!! I didn’t lose as much because of last night’s dinner. But still!!!!

I knew today was going to be a challenge. We went out to eat breakfast. I stuck to Oatmeal, 2 pieces of bacon, and 1 sausage. And then the kiddos and I went downtown PDX to march in the Pride parade with our scout group. I was a little stressed out because of what potentially could go wrong with Thing 2. Sensory overload will lead to sensory meltdown. So I was constantly ahead of possible triggers with her.

It was such a beautiful morning. So much love was packed into the parade route. So many people that showed just how much they truly love and care for ALL human beings. And it was pretty awesome to be able to march with an organization that I am so proud of – Baden Powell Service Association. We are traditional scouting for EVERYONE. And we mean it!

And while we thoroughly enjoyed our morning – I completely forgot to pack veggies. Or enough snacks (Which I normally do). So when the SuperHusband picked us up from the Max stop – the kids wanted Chicken Stars (Carl’s Jr). And I ended up getting some as well because I was STARVING and there was no way in hell I was going to go home after marching in the hot sun, being constantly in front of Thing 2’s triggers, and make a healthy lunch. Just was the absolute last thing on my mind…..

I even had a great lunch pre-planned for today. Ugh. I ended up making a giant salad at home and ate that first. But I had leftovers from last night’s Father’s Day BBQ that I should have ate first.

I am honestly not looking forward to the scale tomorrow.

Because then, for dinner – after Thing 1 and I took a nap for 3hrs (It was only supposed to be a 1hr nap) – the SuperHusband wanted Chevy’s for dinner. Now – normally, I would have gotten a huge combo platter of enchiladas and 2 orders of crispy chicken flautas and baked beans. Instead, I ordered chicken fajitas with black beans. I ate 2 tortillas and a handful of chips. So – it could have been worse. I still made a more healthy decision.

Baby steps.

What I Learned: I learned that I am going to thing about my lunches ahead of time and prepare them ahead of time so I can just grab from the fridge and go. We live in a world that goes at warp speed. So I need to get on my A game with meal prep.

Mood: I was nicely surprised when I lost weight this morning. 0.2lbs – but still – that is losing. All this work is paying off because I walked just under 2 miles today for the parade and I didn’t hurt! I did take a 3hr nap because I was exhausted. But I didn’t hurt!

Major lessons from week 1: This was a major breakthrough week in learning who I am, what food means to me, and how I need to control food in order to feel like a rockstar. I need to prepare even more. I need to let the guilt go – just shush it when it pops up. I am slowly weakening the chains that pull me back in to food for every emotion.

Last Weeks Goals:

  • Make a meal at home 5x a week: Sucess
  • Work out at least 5x/30 mins: Sorta kinda success. I did walk WAY more than normal
  • Make healthy eating choices at the beach: I would say success

Next weeks goals: I need to continue realizing when I am claiming “I deserve that bite because of x,y,z” and instead change how I view rewards. I also need to re-organize my fridge so that it is easier to prep meal that I can quickly grab on days I just need to go go go.

This weeks goals:

  • Make to-go meals ahead of time
  • Pick out a Beachbody On Demand exercise and complete it at least 5x this week (while continuing my daily brunchtime walks)
  • Clean the downstairs of my house and move clean laundry upstairs!

Today’s Anchor: Love. Love will always be our anchor in the storm. Always

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