2B Day 4: Endorphins for Everyone!

Day 4 – 301.5lbs (Total Loss: -2.5lbs)

Um…Heck yes! I woke up feeling like a rock star this morning. I did not have the normal grogginess when I wake up. And I wasn’t imagining I have toothpicks holding open my eye lids during my 330am drive to work. Today’s drive was pretty amazing actually. Didn’t know that was even a thing!

And then I got to work. And I got a lot done in the first couple hours. And rather than stand at my desk to stop myself from falling asleep (which I have done before while standing btw), I stood up for awhile because I wanted to. Wait. I WANTED TO? Who am I? Where did the old me go? Shhhhhhh – don’t tell her but I secretly do not miss her one bit.

I was jamming to Pandora and thank goodness no one else is there when I am because I was dancing like no one was watching. Literally.

And then the normal business hours started. Co-workers were starting to arrive (or not arrive due to calling out). Customers were starting to get to work on the East Coast. Phones were ringing off the hook, almost literally. And my inbox was being inundated with customer requests. And something happened. I started getting angry. I was grumpy. Oh man, I started wondering why I still work here. I just got to a point that I was not happy. Like a dark rain cloud started to encroach and I could feel a storm ah-brewin’.

And I felt terrible for being angry. I actually felt….dirty. I haven’t felt this angry in a long time. A LONG TIME. Like, I wanted to punch someone or something angry.

And then one of my closet co-worker’s and I started talking about the different phases you go thru on the Whole 30 (2B Mindset and W30 are not identical, but extremely similar). She has done a few rounds and is doing fantastically awesome. We even did one round together. But we realized that day 4-5 is the day they term “Kill All The Things”. Because you literally want to Kill. All. The. Things.

Ugh. I did not like it one bit. So once my brunch time arrived (It is at 830am – I cannot mentally consider that lunchtime!) – I made sure I booked it out of the office and went for a walk. And I walked. And I turned up the volume on Pandora. And I started swinging my arms. I swung them so hard that my feet were having a hard time keeping up with how fast I wanted to go. My heart rate was up. I could sense sweat starting to form. And I kept going for .7 miles in my quickest time.

Long story short – Endorphins people. Endorphins. They are real.

I recognized my angry mood and realized I needed to do something about it. And I am glad I did. Because I have finished the day on a complete high. I had an insane afternoon (what’s new?). I could easily have gotten overwhelmed, hungry, a migraine, or had zero energy to cook dinner which means another night thru a fast food window.

(P.S. I never realized how much of a terrible cycle we were in. Feel like shit –> Eat shit –> Sleep like shit –> Feel like shit –> Eat shit –> well you get the point.)

I got off work late, which meant the window I had at home before rushing to the school for Thing 2’s kinder promotion ceremony – was cut in half. I ended up with only 3 minutes to run inside, make my Shakeology shake, and go potty. So I sprinted inside. I whipped up a really good shake (gosh – I LOVE those!), went potty (ahhhhhh it felt so good! With all the water intake lately….oh it feels good to go potty once in awhile), and I sprinted back to the car to take off.

The best part? I was slightly less out of breath than normal! Progress! But that is not all!

Fast forward to this evening and we let the kids play outside for 10 more minutes before bed. 15 minutes later, SuperDad and I forgot they were out there. No wonder it was so quiet…… So, I walked out to see where they were. And they were doing their best to hide from me. I crouched a little low, walking to the back of the car. I hear laughter. I see a floating head thru a car window. Thing 2 says “Is she coming?” and Thing 2 replies “Yes!!! And Screams as they take off running behind the house.

I start laughing, I ended up chasing them behind the house. And then when I couldn’t get them to move and go to bed. Our kids are competitive. Like, super competitive. One tried and true trick I have to get them to do things – is to tell them “Let’s see how fast you can get X done”. So I used their strengths (or weaknesses because in the end I get them to do what I want them to) – and I said “Let’s Race!”

And off we went. I was chasing them the best I could. They were laughing. I was laughing. Who cares if they made it first?! It was a win-win. I got the kids to bed AND I got a tiny bit of exercise in.

Hey….I didn’t end up killing all the things! Yay! Do I get a gold star now?

What I Learned: Today, I learned that it is OK to feel angry or upset. But it is not OK to let it rule your day. Because that anger is quick sand. And the second you let it take control – it can and will be a motivation road block.

Mood: I ran….without dying on the side of the path. I ran?! Whaaaaa?!!! Albeit for a few minutes. But still. I am a ROCK STAR! Who knew?! The new me is forming quite nicely!

Today’s Anchor: Endorphins are real. And when we utilize them to our benefit – Endorphins can be an anchor in the storm!

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