2B Day 2: Be Prepared!

Day 2 – 300.9lbs (Total Loss: 2.1bs)

Wow?!?!?!?! Almost under 300?? I almost yelled out loud in excitement, and then realized my entire house is still asleep at 330am. The dogs are even still on their backs, snoring.

Chaffing?!? Ughh. This is why I am losing weight. Chaffing sucks. Thankfully today is the day I get to spend either at work, or in the car. So not much moving around. Which is not great – So I do need to figure something out. But with all the walking I have been doing, maybe my chaffing, er I, need a small break?

And today I did great! I drank my shake on the drive down. I had a container full of veggies and a larabar just in case. But I didn’t need any! Any other Tuesday drive – I would be stopping thru a drive thru for waffle fries and “chicken stars” (Thanks SuperDad for showing our youngest those).

And then I veered off course at the end of the day when we went to the opening of the Tuesday Night Market here in town. The kids were getting on my last nerve – “I want, I want, I want” (they got nothing in the end). It was packed. I could see Thing 2’s sensory overload meltdown happening a mile away. Thing 1 just wanted everything and she only had half her meds today but she kept it together pretty well. And we HAD to get food here or SuperDad would not be too happy with me. So I picked Teriyaki Grilled Chicken Skewers with white rice and noodles w/ veggies. And dear SuperDad bought me a mango lemonade to surprise me! Awww

I did not consume my veggies (the picture lied). There were barely any. And I overloaded the sauce (apparently Teriyaki sauce is a weakness).

BUT! Let’s talk about the wins! I went to the farmers market and did not buy kettle corn. We did alot of walking (not as much as I would like, but enough to make me happy for today) ! I ate one skewer and a few bites of rice and a few bites of noodles – just enough to feel satisfied, like I wasn’t missing out. We will just see what the scale says tomorrow.

At this point, my goal is baby steps. To make small changes so that I can enjoy the small wins immediately and not lose this motivation I have right now. If I were on any other diet plan – I would feel like a complete failure and my brain would have told me to give up; that I have already failed, so why bother continuing?

But not this time! This time – I still feel like a winner. Bc of all the other baby steps I have been taking and I just survived a very common real life scenario!

What I Learned: I learned that I need to prepare, prepare, and then prepare some more. Clearly being prepared for my bi-monthly road trip – paid off. Clearly not preparing for dinner – did not pay off. Eh. Oh Well. Lesson learned!

Mood: I fell off, but I will get back up again! Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy.

Today’s Anchor: Being Prepared!

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