Day 1 Cannot Be Over Quick Enough

After consulting with the pedi, we have come to a mutual decision to experiment with taking Lil’ Miss off her ADHD medication.

Beginning medication was NOT a decision we made lightheartedly. We have been seeing docs for at least 2+ years trying lots of other opyions, before we made the insanely difficult decision to go down the medication route.

We have tried 3 diff meds. We thought we found a winner. Her focus was so much better. She was completing her work. Teachers were only stopping class to refocus her a couple times a day compared to handfuls of times.

But….she has developed 4 side effects from the medication. Or at least we are hoping they will disappear once she is off medication completely.

So today is Day 1.

1 chitlin is getting distracted by sparkly things.

1 chitlin is high kicking the therapy ropes.

1 mama that is going to go gray really fast.

1 daddy that has spent a weird amount of time doing yardwork today…….


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