6 is the new 13

Oh my word. So I have been joking that Lil’ Miss is 8 going on 16.

Well…add Mr. Man to that growing up way too fast list. He did just the most hilarious thing and has shown us that he is almost 6 going on 13.

He comes down the stairs: Me and Baiey is hungwe.
Me: ok….food is in the fridge
Him: *says something incoherent*
Me: go to bed!
Him: points his right pointer finger at me…shakes it at me…does an about face still shaking his finger…adds shaking the booty….hands on hips…now shaking his head im the only way a 13yr old would..
Him: just walks away with a little bit of swagger and a lotta bit of attitude

Oh boy. Laughed so hard my incision sites hurt.


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