They have eachother

I was an only child. I like to think that I was just so awesome, that my mom did not want to risk it have and a less than awesome sibling for me.

In reality…there were many other factors as to why I am an only child. One being that I was a major PITA (pain in the ass). So I have no idea what it’s like having to share my parents.

But the best thing I have done as a mother…is give my kids a sibling. Someone they know will be in their lives. Far after us parents pass on.

They push eachother (physically and mentally). They learn from eachother. They hate eachother. They scream at eachother.

They hug eachother tight. They love eachother hard. They worry about eachother alot. They look after eachother constantly.

They are each others villains. They are each others heroes.

Lil’ Miss worries about Mr. Man while they are at school. He has super powers. And she has a deep desire to protect him.

Mr. Man cannot sleep with being close to Lil’ Miss. At times, she is his security blanket. And he is learning so much from her.

Lil’ Miss is Mr. Mans translator.

Mr. Man is Lil’ Miss’ button pusher.

At the end of the day, we remind them that no matter how hard they fight, how loud they scream at eachother, or how much they cannot stand being in the same room as eachother….they only have eachother. Forever and always.

But our Super Goofs do not need a reminder. No matter how rough the seas…they always find a way back to eachother.

They are eachothers anchors.

What more could you ask for?

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