Of course they are real!

Happy Easter everyone! Regardless of your beliefs, take time today for yourself and your family. Spread love and believe in hope.

Here is a snapshot of a conversation I had this morning with the kids. They were antsy to get out of the house to go see if the Easter Bunny came yet. Easter bunny was exhausted last night and slept in this morning. So I had to find extra chores for them to do this morning lol

Lil’ Miss (8, getting more and more curious): is the Easter bunny even real?

Me:….look, a random sock to pick up

Her: *puts it in the dirty clothes basket, comez back, looking at me longingly….still expecting an answer*

Me: *thinking quickly, the moment I have dreaded since the day I found out I was pregnant with her….has arrived…and I have her 5yr old brother 2 feet away so how do I avoid their reality from shattering*

Also me: *rapidly sweating bullets profusely*

M: whether the Easter Bunny is real or not, does not matter. What matters, is the spirit of giving and being thankful and appreciate. Just like Santa. Whether he is real or not, doesn’t matter. It’s the spirit of the holiday that matters.

Her: oh, ok. Cool. *walks off*

Me: *standing in a puddle of sweat, heart skipping every 3rd beat, lungs having to quickly re-inflate….did I just pull that off?*

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