Train of Life

(Posted to FB on March 26th, 2018)

These 2 sure know how to keep me on my toes. The day may have started by boarding the struggle train.

And it made a quick stop at the “Your child needs to be tested for a neuropsychiatric disorder due to strep” depot.

And we are currently stopped at the “I’m not tired, but I am going to pitch a fit over every little thing” railroad crossing.

But we did sail straight thru the “please mommy, we are begging to do our nighttime routine so we can play computer games since its not a school night” mountain pass.

The struggle train made excellent time today. The quick pit stop at “yes kiddos, I won’t say no to you doing your routine” depot shaved off a good 30 minutes.

We arrived ahead of schedule at the “life is going to be ok” station. And all the experiences we have gone thru that piece together our baggage….did not get lost in transit!

Thank you to all friends and family that stayed for the ride. Your support on the Steele Railroad is insanely appreciated. Without you, this train would be stuck at the station.

The train for tomorrow will be ready to go at its regular time. Fully loaded and ready for the adventures and pit stops that lay ahead.

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