Bedtime Stories

Decided to take a break tonight from this week’s chapter book: The Call of the Wild.

Lil’ Miss had a small panic attack or anxiety attack or something this morning. I hadn’t seen her experience one to that magnitude in a long time. So I walked her thru it.

See, she LOVES TKD. So I knew she didn’t have the flu or food poisoning. So I put one word in front of the other. Told her it was OK to experience these big feelings. But it is Not OK to give in to those feelings and let it control you. I reminded her of some of our family values: to never give up, to always keep fighting, to always have hope.

She went. She kept fighting. And she had a huge smile when Mr. Man and I snuck in to watch her at the end of training.

This book, brought our day full circle.

Read it. You won’t be let down. It just might give you the courage and the strength to tackle your next obstacle. Even if it’s “just” a kids book.



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