Kids ver. 2.0

The kids’ taekwondo school had a superhero party this evening.

Based on history, I really didn’t want to go but the kids were really excited about it. So, we prepared Mr. Man. And the husband and I bet that we wouldn’t last more than 20 mins.

We lost the bet. We lasted 2hrs!! He far exceed our expectations. They both did. They did so amazing. Mr. Man wore his headphones in the beginning to adjust to the chaos. And it actually worked! Once he felt comfortable, he handed them to me and off he went.

And watching him interact with his friends (yes…friends) made my heart skip a couple beats and tears of joy welled up in my eyes. I love the School of Respect. Not sure what we would do without them.

They even helped with a game. We practically had to drag them out of there. Not sure what system upgrade they got….But I’m liking versions 2.0.

Now off to lalaland because the kids have another mud run tomorrow.


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