We can have Amazing!

Today, was a good day. No…it was a fantastic day. No….it was a super duper amazingly fantastically magically good day.

Every day is an adventure. Especially in our family. Sometimes those adventures are hard, or even borderline torture. But sometimes, those adventures are so magical, they will be forever locked tight in the ol’ memory bank.

Today, was a day I don’t ever want to soon forget. We laughed. We played. We got boo boos. We walked. We ran. We learned how to ride bikes. We learned how to walk with a 3 headed dog leash.

Lil’ Miss climbed to the top of a green apple with fierce fearlessness. Going down, well her superman (aka daddy) came in and helped guide her back down.

And Mr. Man, lost a little apprehension with every step he made, as he pushed his bike. His superman (aka daddy) rarely left his side, helping him keep fighting forward.

Today, my love for my superman (aka my husband) grew a little bit deeper. Today, was a day I will remember, when times are rough.

Today, is a day, that reminds us all why every moment is a new moment. That just bc we are hurting one moment, does not mean the next will hurt as well.

Today, hope won.


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