Super Ninja Girl

Our daughter is a spitfire. She can hold her own in any situation. She is stubborn, bossy, and wears her emotions on her sleeve. At times, those unguarded emotions, get hurt. Badly.

This past month or so, she has seen the rough side of life. While other kids are being mean to her, and school staff do very little, our daughter started sinking. Lower and lower. Her spitfire dulling.

Last Thursday, she had her Brown Belt Test (4 more till black!!). We all knew she was going to pass. But what we didn’t know….what she didn’t know…was that she was going to find her inner tiger, her inner strength, courage, and bravery. With every ki-yap, her tiger roared a little louder.

And something that was missing from our spitfire….came roaring back. She left that test with her head held up as high as the night sky.

Our daughter goes to school to learn. But the moment our daughter gets into the School of Respect vehicle, she is enveloped by a group of people that truly care about her and want her to succeed. Her master’s have created a safe place for our daughter to find her inner self worth.

But our most favorite part of SOR, is that every single martial artist there, from the youngest on up, makes sure that every other person, knows they are important and have people rooting for them. Her support system has grown exponentially while at SOR. And to that, I want to thank, from the bottom of my heart, the SOR Masters.


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