Sweet Little Moments

A Wrinkle in Time, Ch 2: completed

Tonight was a long night. I honestly didn’t think I would be able to read a couple pages, let alone a whole chapter. I desperately need sleep. I’m exhausted.

Lil’ Miss had her Brown Belt Test tonight. She did ah-maz-ing. She struggled a tad in the beginning. But it was like a light switch turned on and she shed all the weight of the pain she has been carrying with her and discovered for herself that she is worth it. That she is strong.

That she is fierce. And when I saw that switch flip on, I almost cried. Our baby girl has been hurting. But not tonight. She shined. She persisted. And she is rising above.

After her test, when we got home, I begrudgingly asked my kiddos if they wanted me to read JUST a couple pages. And with enthusiasm that is way too hard to find this late, they said yes. So upstairs we went.

The kids got in their hammocks. Pulled their blankets over little bodies. Wiggled to just the right spot. And I sat down on my rocking chair. The one my late grandma Lue got me.

I started rocking. Back and forth. And I started reading. 1 page. 4 pages. 8 pages. “Lil’ Miss, are you still awake?” “Yes momna” “do you want me to keep reading?” Softly, she replied, “Yes momma”.

So I finished the chapter. Mr. Man already in reenland 8 pages ago. And I took a moment to myself. I felt an indescribable feeling. As if at that moment, my grandma was sitting there with us.

There is never enough time in the day for all the things we want to do. But there is enough time for the things that we need to do. Including those we didn’t realize we needed. Like reading a chapter 2 hours post bedtime.


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