A Son’s Storm

This is a 2fer:

Went outside to take care of the dogs and discuss dinner plans.

Came back to Mr Man in his 2nd meltdown of the afternoon. This is his normal go to….he opens all the drawers and doors.

I feel guilty for wanting to cry. So I don’t. I really should. But my brain won’t let me. I’ve tried. Tears start to pool. But then they dissipate. Guilt evaporates the tears.

Not to mention our 8yr old daughter is being mentally and physically bullied daily yet no one seems to see anything.

He is upstairs. Quiet. Not answering. I don’t know what he is doing. Not sure if I want to know right now. I may lose it. I don’t want to lose it.

So I am sitting outside in the freezing cold with the dogs.


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Finally walked upstairs and this is the pile of destruction from Mr. Man. He pulled all of our blankets off our bed and put them in 1 big pile.

His brain cracks me up. Yes son…that was mighty destructive of you.

Daddy got him thru the end of his last storm. Once he comes out the other side….He is fine and helps clean up his path of destruction. It’s just those stormy waters that we have to just survive in a chaotic silence.

Guess he forgot about this debris. Lol.

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