A Son’s Fever Marathon

Fever marathon update:

Day: 7 (or 8. )
Fever: I honestly haven’t taken it in the last couple hours, but earlier it was 99.5*
Symptoms: fever

The Dr called earlier and they got the final test result back from the throat culture and it tested positive for……strep. So we started him on antibiotics today. If no fever tomorrow, he can finally go back to school Friday!

You would never know, if you saw the kid thats running non-stop, that he has strep, or a fever.

But that’s the thing about SPD. Some kids feel pain, and temperature, differently. And Mr. Man feels everything differently than neurotypical people.

That is one of the reasons why I get so paranoid, on edge, and am “ON” 24/7 when it comes to our son. Because our son could break a bone, and most likely (though we would hope he would), wouldn’t let us know.


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