Slime. Blue Slime.

This one is a 2fer

These guys….oh my word. They keep me on my toes for sure.

So the school called a few mins ago. Mind you, I am already on my way to go pick up Mr. Man from school.

This is what went thru my head: dang it, what trouble did Lil Miss get in to? I really don’t feel like talking to the principal today. And if it isn’t her, dang it, I am already headed to pick up Mr. Man, did he lock himself in the bathroom again? Couldn’t he have waited a few more mins!?!

We have had a rough few weeks.

Actual conversation:

School: yes, your daughter is in the nurses room
Me: (thinking she has that dreaded flu, I get a little panicky….at least she didn’t perform any TKD moves on anybody) ok…..
School: she opened a can of blue slime
Me: (not sure where this is going) uh huh…
School: (laughing) she opened it, put it in her mouth…(laughing harder) and swallowed.
School: she ate slime. Your daughter. Ate. Slime.
Me: (can’t hold the laughter in much longer)
School: she seems fine but if something blue comes out the other end..(high pitch laughing) we just wanted to give you a heads up

I’m still laughing.



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Update to the slime story:

Daddy: what did you learn at school today?
Lil Miss: about suburban and urban and rural environments
Me: or maybe to not eat Slime?
Her: yeah heh
Us: did you eat a little or a lot?
Her: a little
Us: why? Heh
Her: bc it just appeared on my desk out of nowhere
Us: ok…and you thought it would be a good idea to eat it?
Us again: did you want to see what it tasted like?
Her: yes
Daddy: did someone dare You?
Her: yes
Me: do you even know what that means?
Her: no
Us: so it just appeared and you thought why not? Sounds logical………..
Us: did it taste good at least?
Her: no

And there ya have it folks. Moral of the story….when slime appears out of nowhere, you can take a bite but it won’t taste good!

Can’t. Stop. Laughing.

(P.s. in the 2nd pic, she bought makeup….I didn’t realize it was makeup. It looked like a journal. She applied her own makeup in the back seat of the car before I discovered I just purchased her some makeup……)


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