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So a little background info.

There have been 2 instances in the past couple weeks that Mr. Man has actually tried leaving school grounds in the morning. Daddy drops them off a little before the school opens so they have to wait in line in front of the school. They have a whole routine in the morning. The past 2 times, Daddy saw him in his rearview mirror and was able to go back and grab him.

And we have been talking to him about safety and alternative plans and talking to his school teachers and staff and this has always been a remote possibility. So we are all brainstorming ideas…..Just in case it happens again.

Well….. I just read my emails and Mr. Man’s teacher said that he took off this morning (after daddy left the neighborhood) but the principal was able to catch him before he left school grounds and redirect him. (Side note, I need to set up my voicemail on my new phone, the principal was probably the unknown number that called me 2x today)

This is my worst nightmare coming true. I can’t stop the tears.

Another day. Another adventure for the S

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