808: an area code; time of day; penal code for disturbing the peace, and a multitude of numerology meanings.

808: as an “Angel Number”, primarily represents finances and matters relating to finance – good and bad. That if one does their part, they will achieve financial freedom.

808: represents ambition & strength (in making plans & dreams a reality) and rebirth (a change for a new beginning).

808: In terms of love – it can mean that everything happening right now, is part of one’s life mission and soul purpose. That whatever is happening, is happening for a reason. The chosen path, aligns with one’s true self on every level. For some, they are answers to prayers.

For me, 808 represents hope.

When Lil’ Miss started her first year of PreK 5 years ago :O I kept seeing 8:08/808 combinations pop up everywhere. Constantly. I would look at the clock for the first time that day and it would be 8:08 AM/PM. Or I would see a random license plate. Or a Ph# at work.

At first, I really didn’t think much of it. But after about the umpteenth time of it happening, I started noticing a pattern. Now, I consider myself spiritual. 808 would show when I was down, or stressed, or confused, or lost. When I saw it, deep down, 808, for just that moment, would bring me a sense of calm.

808: A sense of peace.

To me, 808 represents my guardian angels looking after me. More specifically, my Grandma Lue looking after me. Letting me know that everything is going to be OK. A sign from beyond. Because when I am going through more optimistic and hopeful phases of life – I rarely see 808, in any form. But when I am struggling – say taking Mr. Man to his big Developmental Pediatrician appointment – it appears, out of nowhere, when I least expect it.

808: Serenity

It is a gentle reminder that this too, shall pass. And for just a moment, the moon and the sun are in balance, and life slows down as hope reveals itself.

And that is what my tattoo means to me. Tranquility; Persistence (semi-colon); Hope.

(If you have read this entire thing, thank you. I have been holding this close to my heart for 5 years now. In fact, I guarded this so close, I have not told a single soul, including my husband)


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