When Nature Becomes Family

I didn’t really take any photos today. Lil Miss’ was such a busy otter this weekend, I only got a couple pictures of her. Thankfully there was someone else taking pictures! And the kids did their group activity without us today!!!! But this weekend was…magical. in a lot of ways. So I let the words flow freely (it’s not the best by any means, but it is what came out).

As the sun rises in the East, the campers start to wake.
Stretching and yawning.
With grumblies in their tummies.

The fog is lifting; The tents are unzipping; The Cantina is opening.
One shoe, two shoes.
Sleepy eyed walk to the restroom

The elders muster a purposeful step, as young ones are reluctantly in tow.
Empty plates; sleepy eyed stares.
The line forms. The food is served.

Sitting around the fire. Warming up.
Eyes begin to focus.
One bite. Two bites.
Talk of new adventures swirl about.
Energy begins to build.

The flag is raised, a moment of peace.
Time to focus on the day ahead.
As if the calm before the storm, the building excitement fills the air.
The scouts are ready to go.

Oak trees. Mushrooms.
Green leaves. Yellown acorns.
Grasshoppers, snakes, poison oak and blackberries.
Stories and lessons. Warnings and curiosity.
A hike rapidly connects all of humanity.

Stopping to climb in a tree.
Fingers find rough bark.
Eyes search the hollow holes.
Touching. Feeling. Exploring.

As feet begin to ache, the route turns back to camp.
Tummies grumbling. Empty plates.
Cantina opens once more.
Stories shared; strangers become friends; and nature becomes family.

The flag is lowered, a moment of peace.
Time to reflect on adventures of the day.
The excitement quiets down.
Busy bodies begin to slow.

The moon rises in the East as the day turns to dusk.
The bright blue sky gives way to the dark twilight.
Stars brightly shine, as the city lights, are no where in sight.

Crackling. Popping. A fire begins to roar.
One more step.
Two more steps.
A community of chairs begin to form.
The stage is set for talent to shine in firelight.
This moment, a new story, is shared with all.

As the sun sets in the West, the campers are ready for a rest.
For tomorrow, a new adventure is ready to be discovered.

Image may contain: one or more people
Image may contain: one or more people
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