Roots Give Trees Strength

Regardless of Political Affiliation. Regardless of Religious Identity. Regardless of Skin Color.

Our hearts pump warm, red blood, never-ending. Our lungs inflate and deflate repetitiously. Our neurons continuously fire.

At the most basic level – we are all the same. We are all humans.

This tree, it knows no hatred; it knows no war; it knows no love; it knows no happiness.

This tree, it supports its ever growing branches, letting them curve and bend, supporting them with its massive trunk. It sustains life.

This tree, gives to the world what the world does not give back to it – oxygen. The ability to breathe, to live, to experience.

This tree, allows branches to break off as they see fit. It does not fall when one does. It continues to support – nourishing and sustaining – the remaining branches. It continues to persist.

This tree may not have the same heart we have. It may not have the same lungs we have. It may not have the same neurons we have. But it is living.

This tree may not know emotions the way we know emotions. But it holds steadfast in times of despair. It is the connector of Air and Land.

This tree, is a symbol. It is the shade on a hot summer’s day. It is respite in the chaos. It provides shelter in down pouring rains. It is a ladder up to the sky. It is food, for nature, and for humans. It is a home.

This tree, it connects us all.

Just as we, at our most basic level, are all connected.


We may be lost. We may be hurting; confused; scared; losing hope.

As a Nation, we may have lost our highest symbol, our guiding light. As the World looks on, we are floating on the open seas.

We may feel like a ship without its engine, hoping that a lighthouse will appear before we crash in to the jagged cliff.

We may feel like a community alone after a mudslide cut off our only route.

But we are still a community. Like this tree, we must support each other. We must give each other life. We must allow each other to bend; to grow. We must persist.

We must be each other’s symbol.

Because without each other – there is nothing connecting us – to this land; to this earth; to humanity.

While roots give trees strength, Love gives humans hope.

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