The Best Camping Trip Yet

After my eventful morning, I need to re-focus. I didn’t want to make a post on Sunday when we got back as I did not want to distract from Mother’s Day. Plus, I wanted to just curl up on the couch and do nothing when we got back.

Anyways, out of the 3 camping trips we have taken thus far this year, this one was by far the best. For starters, we have learned that the less focused we are on creating a routine and keeping to a schedule on our trips – the more likely it is that Mr. Man will have horrific meltdowns.

So, we had a plan for every day and we made sure we relayed the plan to him as often as possible, and we gave him multiple sensory outlets. And he did so good….until we got home…..

We went swimming, and discovered the kids love the hot tub as much as we do. We followed a trail to the beach, where we were almost attacked by 2 geese at the end of the trail and had to run across HWY 101. We tried going to Rogue Brewery for lunch but discovered Lil’ Miss HATES the smell of breweries. We walked on the long pier under the bridge and decided we needed to go crabbing next time. We let Luna off her leash on the beach for the first time and she was in heaven.

There were a few times where we laughed so hard we cried. We stayed up super duper late. The kids even slept in past 9am *GASP* on Sunday morning. I almost peaked in to make sure they were still alive….but I didn’t want to wake them.

Less than 2 weeks until our next camping trip. Hopefully it won’t rain at night so we can make a fire. Mmmm I love me some camp fire smell.

We may not be able to afford big, fancy trips. But we can afford a couple days in the wilderness, making lots and lots of memories. The kids won’t remember the toys and expensive souvenirs we didn’t buy.

They will remember the time that Luna pooped on the road – 5 feet away from the grass bc she just couldn’t hold it any longer.

They are going to remember rock hunting at the beach for Mother’s Day bc we love rocks.

They are going to remember running to the Ocean – sticking a toe in – and running back bc its freezing outside.

They are going to remember that we did these things as a family. And that is what matters.

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