That Time DHS looked at us Sideways for caring

Home study #1 complete. Only took 3.5hrs.

Not sure where we stand after this. There are some spots that we had questions about and areas we know we need to resolve.

She did stress a couple of things that she would need to run by her supervisor.

And the one that irks me the most, is that bc our own kids have extra “special” needs that require more attention from us than most, and extra appointments (not really), that welcoming new kiddos into our life might not be a good fit for our kids, and therefore fostering might not work out for us.

And that hurts. Bc we have fought to the ends of the earth, connecting what seem like invisible dots, following and mashing together different techniques and therapies, to get to a diagnosis.

But even though we fight like hell, probably a little more than what others would do, bc welcoming kids may or may not cause our kids issues, we may not even get the chance to foster.

But we won’t know for awhile. Have a couple more visits with her. References need to be talked to. Fingerprints and background check need to be done.

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