Peaceful Snowflake

I have taken very few pictures of the snow and the landscapes during this crazy winter of ours. The events of the past few weeks took me to a deep, dark, hidden place. Where even the escape of capturing images, was too much.

But tonight, I just needed to go outside and feel the snow.

To let the snow, each unique snowflake, tenderly resting on my bare fingers, melding into my still warm skin

To hear the calm spreading across the Wetlands, as the wildlife nestle together.

To see all the varying paths that each individual snowflake takes, on its journey to the end.

To feel a surreal, serene, almost magical yet completely speechless experience that sends shivers down my spine.

These last few weeks, have been a whirlwind for us. For all of us. And in the ensuing weeks, it will only get more chaotic. But hopefully a little less scary as unknowns become knowns.

But it is in that time of dawn, that time right as the dark meets the light, where we must take pause. To reflect. To cherish. To breathe. Because in times of light, it is time to fight.

Image may contain: tree, plant, outdoor and nature

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