Positive Parenting Workshop Fail

Just went to a workshop tonight put on by NWRESD/early intervention called “Positive Supports to Prevent Challenging Behavior”. It was a fantastic class. Learned so much.

Mr. Man even did fantastic at the child care center for 2hrs. So fantastic that he lost his shit as we walked to the car, got in the car, wouldn’t get in his car seat, figured out how to unbuckle….and we spent the next 10 mins…trapped…in the parking lot while mr. Man is screaming to go.

There is absolutely no reasoning or getting him buckled in this case when he is in full on meltdown mode. You just have to wait for the storm to pass. And if we weren’t in an empty parking lot at 8pm….well then maybe we would still be there…

Yeah….all that positivity I just learned when straight out the window. And I lost it. Ugh. I feel terrible. He was finally focused so much on screaming that he stopped unbuckling and playing in the car so we escaped the parking lot. He screamed for another 8 mins and then the storm finally passed like nothing ever happened.

It is certainly no excuse, but certainly doesn’t help that I am running on 2 days behind in sleep and lack of nutrition for 8hrs.

If this is the result of 2hrs of out of the norm/routine….the start of kindergarten is going to be hell.

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