The Moment I knew I had Hope

We are quickly (unfortunately) heading toward the end of the year. And so far, it is turning out to be one of the best yet.

Life is good. The future looks positive. Any obstacles we encounter will not be impossible or impassable. I have this overwhelming feeling that, finally, in a very very long time, happiness has reached every cell in my body.

It has taken me months of being proactive in changing my attitude, altering my actions and rethinking how I react.

I have placed great emphasis especially on how I interact with my children, and how I respond. I have stopped the yelling and the negativity. It was getting us nowhere. But to get to this point, has been an uphill battle worthy of reaching Mt. Everett’s peak.

I have also started placing a high value on living life with no regrets. On laughing loudly. Dreaming wildly. Living fully. Loving deeply. Believing in hope. Fighting with passion. Allowing my soul to feel full.

On living a life built on honesty, loyalty, responsibility, respect, kindness, pureness, and passing it on.

These changes have been hard. But it is turning out to be well worth the struggle. I can wake up everyday, not being worried about the children we are sending out the door. Because the children we are sending out the door, and becoming the best pure selves they can be.

And that is why my future, our future, is so full of hope….and peace.

What is your life full of?


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