SPD Parenting Pity Post

This is a pity post. I know Mr. Man has a tribe full of loving and supportive people. I know our whole family does. And I know we are just starting this path of SPD so I don’t have nearly all of the answers or know nearly enough tricks yet….but there is nothing in this world I wouldn’t give for my son to be able to stand in a line of kids without shutting down, or walking into a dojang without covering his ears or saying “All done” before he even enters a room. Or being able to participate in something without his brain signaling no.

I know it comes with time. That’s what I’ve been told. And I have hope. But it still sucks. He physically can’t sit still longer than 15 seconds, 30 seconds at most. And watching him so badly want to participate but his brain is halting him, or be apart of thanksgiving dinner instead of being so overwhelmed that he stays at the top of the stairs….is taking a toll on me. I have to be strong. Until the kids are in bed at least. I have to stay calm, patient, focused so as not to send his brain into a bigger tailspin. One wrong signal from me, and I will have caused an hour long meltdown.

Not even mentioning how we have to be on “pick” watch with lil miss, making sure none of her spots are getting infected.


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