Where oh where to begin?

So my 15 minutes to myself that I wrote about in my last post has morphed and disappeared and reappeared and merged. It seems like the only constant thing that I can do, for myself, is to get a nice hit shower right after I put the kids to bed. Sure, it may only be 5 minutes. But it is hot. And it’s mine. And I’m all by myself.

So that is something. Right?

So what has happened in the past 6 weeks? In no particular oder, mainly because the past 6 weeks has merged and morphed together, the following has happened:

– Mr. Man has started therapy. He has gone about 4 or 5 times and is doing amazingly well. I so badly want to write about his sessions, and get my thoughts and experiences of this journey down somewhere, but I just don’t have the energy. Today he actually had a meltdown bc he couldn’t control his environment during one of the activities. I started hysterically laughing and his therapist looked at me funny. I just told her that he finally had a real meltdown in front of someone, proving that it is not all in my head.

– Lil’ Miss has been referred to a counselor but we are currently waiting to find a place that is accepting new patients. We are concerned that she maybe has anxiety, or add or adhd or something. Not sure what. So the counselor is the first step. Oh, and she also was diagnosed to have far sightedness so she now wears glasses…and she rocks them. When she isn’t screaming or fighting or panicky, she is a smart, beautiful, confident young lady….and kicking ass and taking names at TKD

-I am in the process of starting my own company. At the very very very beginning stages. It is going to be a business consulting company where I will help companies get off the ground, helping filing paperwork and crafting business plans. Nothing fancy. But it will be interesting

– I have also come to the conclusion that my son is gender fluid. And I am proud and no longer hiding in secrecy and guilt. But more about that on a later post because I have way too many words that are waiting to spill out.

– And finally, me and politics can no longer be in the same sentence. This election cycle is way too intense. So much is at stake. And while I am getting to know who exactly my friends and family members are, it is discouraging to see the ramifications of this election season.

Moving on. I am exhausted. I end most nights in pure exhaustion. My dear lovely husband, whom I cannot imagine spending a day without, sometimes doesn’t understand just how, or why, I’m so fucking exhausted.

Don’t even get me started on bedtime routines. At this point, I am just Uber proud that I have had the kids wash their teeth the past 4 days straight!!! I need an award.

And with that, I am off.

My anchor is tired tonight and just wants to rock and sway in the ocean waves.

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