Busy. Days.

My days are getting so busy that I literally have to write a sticky note and put it on my phone wallet to remind me of each days tasks (now I get where Mr. Man doesn’t function on all cylinders when he doesn’t know the daily schedule or we veer away from routine). This is just my typical wednesday:

349am: Wake up 1 min before 1st alarm, close eyes
423am: Realize I hit the snooze too many times
430am: Jump in car and drive to work
5am: clock in at job #1
1130-12pm: Head to job #2
330pm: leave job #2
345pmish: pick up Mr. Man, drive across town and in an upbeat, happy, excited tone…give Mr. Man a social story on how awesome swim class is going to be
430pm: Straight to Mr. Man’s swim lessons (one of his “therapies”)
510pm: on a good night i.e. when Mr. Man doesn’t have a meltdown, we leave swim lessons (bad nightd, we may not leave til 520/530)
530pm: get home, immediately have to cook dinner bc I always forget that Wednesdays should really be a slow cooker day too….cook dinner while trying to curtail Mr. Man’s inevitable meltdown bc he is exhausted at this point. Have to think of a heavy work exercise but make it fun and upbeat….get him to unload the dish washer….
613pm: get Mr. Man loaded into the car to pick up lil miss
615pm: leave the house finally bc mr. Man insists on buckling himself
620pm: pick up lil miss, Wednesdays are late nights bc she has either sparring or nunchucks night
635pm: get home, dish out the dinner for the kids…tell them I don’t care if they eat it. And I head to the couch to eat my dinner
650pm: they come back in from playing outside and decide to eat dinner…..sort of (I have learned when and how to pick my battles, don’t judge)
712pm: mr. Man passes out on the couch on top of me
735pm: my show is over and lil miss is just about passed out on the couch as well
740pm: quickly move stuff around in my laundry room bc I am going to be gone this weekend, and I’m hoping my laundry room makeover happens
745pm: try and shoo the bird out that came inside 15 mins ago
746pm: give up on the bird bc I can’t find it, but I can hear it.
746.30pm: Lil miss points out where the bird is
755pm: get kids all tucked in bed
803pm: get out of the shower and head to my nice warm soft jammies that I was dreaming about all day
804pm: find the bird on top of my nice warm jammies. Catch the bird. Put it outside.
805pm: put jammies on and realize the bird took a shit on my jammies

And that, my friends, is my regular wednesday in a nutshell (house chores change every Wednesday though, and so far the bird was a one time thing).

I will never change my working schedule While I’m definitely not a morning person…the husband is the closing shift supervisor….so someone has to get the kids to therapy/counseling/swim/taekwondo/gymnastics/and any other number of Dr’s appointment that week.

And now I’m going to bed. Phew. Goodnight.

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