Little Steps: Day 23 – Pause. Reflect. Move Forward.

Day 23: 3.14 miles / Total miles: 21.28mi / Days left: 156 / Time:2:01:15 / Pace: 38’35 Yesterday was my first hike since last Thursday (Day 18). I ended last week on such a euphoric high. And then this weekend happened. And I desperately needed to go for a hike. I couldn’t go Monday. I […]

An inner battle a Mama cannot fight

I identify as the gender I was assigned at birth. So was my oldest. And my husband. My mom. Aunt. Papa. You get the point. When I walk in to a room full of people, there is usually at least one person like me – a female. An assigned at birth, female. I dont have […]

E is E. And I found fear.

Our daughter is 6yrs old. And she is transgender. I have written about her before. About how she told us. About how she showed us who she really is. About our transition as a family. About this journey that has been bestowed upon us. I market myself as an open book. You have questions. I […]