Day 416 Life Lessons

Day 416 of self quaranting as much as humanely possible This kid right here brought some major tears to my eyes a few minutes ago. I had to F5 my family a month ago and re-think our entire situation. We began unschooling. We placed all our energies towards learning how to go with the flow. […]

It’s Been a DAMN Good Weekend.

Yes….I know the weekend is not completely over just yet. As I am writing this, it is 907am on a Sunday that just so happens to be Daylight Saving Time. So REALLY it is 807am. And the world is today’s oyster…. ummmm I mean, anything can and is bound to happen. But for this moment, […]

Little Steps: Day 2 – A Child’s Pace is a Good Pace

Day 2: 1.32 Mi My kiddos woke up with a fever. Again. I think they learned how to warm themselves up under a light. Because their only symptom is a fever. So no school, or Taekwondo, again for them. Ugh. Fevers throw a wrench in to everything. Every. Thing. Your world literally comes to a […]