Little Steps: Day 80 – Change is in the Air

I had my bimonthly therapy session yesterday. Some days, I know exactly what issues I need to talk thru. Others, I dont know where to start. And on rare occasions, I walk with an extra pep in my step on my way in. Floating a little on the confidence that I am doing alright. With […]

Little Steps: Day 52 – The Trail Ends Here?

I apologize in advance. But my mind is a tangled mess. Thoughts are flying around a thousand miles a minute. Crashing in to eachother. Trajectories unknown. My fingers are full of dread. The words want to flow faster than they can be given passage. I have no idea what is about to overflow the walls, […]

Little Steps: Day 15 – Cycle of Guilt

Day 15: 0.0 miles / Total miles: 10.71mi / Days left: 164 / Time: NA Spring break is over. The kids are no longer sick. It was time for them to go back to school for the first time in 2 weeks. About damn time. I love my goofs. But they needed to go back […]

The Loving Myself Journey: Gate #4 – Special Needs PTSD

Like the past 3 gates, this one came in like a wrecking ball at the speed of light, knocking the wind out of my sails, leaving me stranded in 82ft waves. Before I realized what hit me, I was drowning. In the middle of an ocean I built with my own 2 hands. No one […]