How one kid got locked in the car while the other got her 2nd Covid Shot

2 kids got in the car with all of their necessary accessories. 1 kid was going for her 2nd Covid shot and both were going for their flu shots. E, the 9yr old, woke up with a raging bloody nose. That should have been red flag #1. This day was going to be...interesting.

Neurodivergent Unschooling Adventures: Step 2 – Procrastination

Today is technically the first day of school here in our PNW district. I knew this day was coming. I even prepared the kids to be ready to learn today. Her favorite backpack filled with all. the. goodies. And here we are. 1 kid is awake. Watching someone play a game on Youtube while she... Continue Reading →

Neurodiverse Unschooling Adventures: Step 1 – The Decision

I didn't have kids to be a school teacher. Straight. Up. Facts. Teacher of life lessons? Yes. Obvs. But a teacher of school subjects? I am a writer. But that doesn't mean I know HOW to write….in the way the current education system demands of students at least. I write conversationally…..not academically. I am terrible... Continue Reading →

Her cat ate what?!?!

Did you know that it is possible to not dread waking up on a Monday morning? I didn't. In fact….I am still waiting for the proverbial other shoe to drop. My alarm went off at 7am. I went back to sleep because I wasn't ready to wake up yet. Could barely keep my eyes open... Continue Reading →

Day 416 Life Lessons

Day 416 of self quaranting as much as humanely possible This kid right here brought some major tears to my eyes a few minutes ago. I had to F5 my family a month ago and re-think our entire situation. We began unschooling. We placed all our energies towards learning how to go with the flow.... Continue Reading →

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