Living List #1: The Polar Plunge – Done

On the eve of the 2022 Polar Plunge, the eve of completing the first experience on my living - I was 100% excited, nervous, and unsure. This moment was 100% scary, thrilling, and liberating. And surprisingly, it wasn't at all like I had envisioned the accomplishment would feel like. Read more to see how wrong I was.

I Hike, Because…

When you get your muscles moving, your blood pumping, and your lungs expanding - a rush of all the happiness hormones crash through you no matter what the outlet, but only if you enjoy it. My outlet is hiking. And I enjoy it bc of the person I become when I am on the trail. Read more to find out who that person is. It might surprise you.

9-Step Strategy Guide for Small Business Owners to Find Balance in Real Life

When you run the show - it can be hard to step back and put yourself first for once. Sooner or later - burnout will happen. The secret to being able to enjoy every thing you accomplish - might surprise you. Read more to discover the 9-step strategy secret.

Damn Plastic Wrap

But that damn plastic wrap won't budge. An unbreakable barrier. Not an impossible one. But a boss level barrier. I thought I had it all figured out. Then somewhere between taking the leap and flying - I fell atop a cloud on a no-breeze day. And it is here where I sit and watch each piece of my life balance on the precipice of surrender...or fight. I am tired. Am I not enough already?

Adventures in Solopreneurship: First Weekend of a Planned Unemployment – Pt 5/Final

Pt 5 (and final of this particular series) - Take Pride in being Unproductive - I will! Day 473 - Monday, June 28th, 2021 Captain's Log: 358am: Wake up - bladder must not have gotten the memo that I don't have an alarm. 430am: Bzzz Bzzbzbzbbzbzbzzzzzzzz - Dangit! Forgot to cancel the alarms on my... Continue Reading →

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