The Power of Journaling: A New Years Resolution 132 Days Later

Nearly 7 hours and 5,999 words later - Synopsis: What started as a simple way to learn runes, has transformed my life in unexpected ways. Vibe Time has become part of my identity and I look forward to it every single day. 132 days later and I have embraced who I am. Who I have always been. #VibeTime #Journaling #MentalHealth

Akela’s Corner: The Meaning of Pack

Youtube: Look Well o’ Wolves. Look well…. I had to take a step back from scouts for a little bit. When we first started the Stay-at-home orders, I went full speed ahead. I made plans and wrote schedules and brainstormed and had a thousand and 2 ideas floating around my noggin endlessly for the... Continue Reading →

The Life of a Scout is One Full of Adventures

I love scouting. It's my passion. I am currently working on a scout badge. adult self is an adult scout. We call ourselves Rovers. Its pretty fun. Fulfills a childhood desire I didnt know was badly missed. I have decided to keep a little separation. Because the life I live can be messy. And... Continue Reading →

Little Steps: Day 50 – Tick you very much!?

Hi! I'm still alive. I hibernated. For an entire week. Thank you PMS. I didnt feel any guilt. I was too lazy to have feelings of guilt. And then I realized I needed to focus my attention on my house. Because believe it or not....I dont actually live in the woods. I actually live in... Continue Reading →

Little Steps: Day 5 – The Smaller the Tent, the Bigger the Struggle?

Day 5: 0.0 miles / Total Miles: 2.41 / Days Left: 174 Eeeeeeeee. It is scout campout weelend! And not glamping like our family loves. I am talking, middle of nowhere, no cell reception, no electricity, very little running water, basic toilets. Adirondacks with bunks and no mattresses. Or a cold, wet, Oregon ground. We... Continue Reading →

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