E is Amazing

Last Monday, on my brunch break (because my lunch is at 830am!), I had to drive over to my husband's work because I forgot something at home and needed it. I also forgot what it was. Anyways, thankfully he works about 10 minutes away. Less if school isn't in session. And he also works kitty-corner... Continue Reading →

When the Phone Rings

We are in an age where answering a phone call is becoming rare. Personally, I much prefer text messaging. My life is just too chaotic and busy and let's be honest - I am lazy and don't want to answer any phone calls. With text messaging - I can respond on my own time. I... Continue Reading →

Back-to-School: Choose Your Own Adventure Edition

If you have a child, you know all too well about the Back to School Season. The beginning of the best story line ever. Or the worst... The beginning of a binge-watch worthy show that you just cannot turn away from....or a show that is so bad that you just cannot turn it off. You... Continue Reading →

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