How to Prepare for the Best Part of Scouts – Camp Outs!

Our first camp out of the year is coming up in 10 sleeps! And I couldn't be more excited! Our scout group LOVES to scout. In fact, we love it so much, that when our GSM sent out an end-of-the-year questionnaire - so many people replied that they wanted to do MORE scouting. As if... Continue Reading →

The Life of a Scout is One Full of Adventures

I love scouting. It's my passion. I am currently working on a scout badge. adult self is an adult scout. We call ourselves Rovers. Its pretty fun. Fulfills a childhood desire I didnt know was badly missed. I have decided to keep a little separation. Because the life I live can be messy. And... Continue Reading →

Little Steps: Day 100 – 34,064 Reasons to H.Y.O.H

Day 100 has finally arrived. Way faster than I expected it too. Or wanted it to. I find it amazing how much, and what, can change, in just 100 days. In fact, what I envisioned day 100 would be like, is not the reality of what day 100 looks like. And I am not sure... Continue Reading →

Little Steps: Day 50 – Tick you very much!?

Hi! I'm still alive. I hibernated. For an entire week. Thank you PMS. I didnt feel any guilt. I was too lazy to have feelings of guilt. And then I realized I needed to focus my attention on my house. Because believe it or not....I dont actually live in the woods. I actually live in... Continue Reading →

How Being a Rover Scout, Helped me Discover My Love of the Iditarod

We joined the BPSA scouts in Sept 2017. I wanted my kids to participate in scouts. To gain an appreciation of the outdoors that I thought only scouts could provide. But I was against what was happening politically and socially in the BSA at the time. And I felt like Girl Scouts spent too much... Continue Reading →

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