It’s Been a DAMN Good Weekend.

Yes….I know the weekend is not completely over just yet. As I am writing this, it is 907am on a Sunday that just so happens to be Daylight Saving Time. So REALLY it is 807am. And the world is today’s oyster…. ummmm I mean, anything can and is bound to happen. But for this moment, […]

Groot In A Boot: Santa’s New Recruit

Happy Holidays from the cutest Guardian of the Galaxy.You may be wondering where my good friend Elf is. And why the boot?Well, your parents wrote a letter to Santa, asking him to send one of his special Elf’s to help them keep an eye on the two of you.Santa is trying new things this year. […]

Those Pesky Rebellious Neurons

I finally was able to refill my happy pills on Monday evening. And I have taken them 2 days in a row! Gold star for me! I used to be pretty terrible with taking my medication on a consistent basis. Probably for at least 10-15 years, I would forget to take them, or skip a […]

When the Phone Rings

We are in an age where answering a phone call is becoming rare. Personally, I much prefer text messaging. My life is just too chaotic and busy and let’s be honest – I am lazy and don’t want to answer any phone calls. With text messaging – I can respond on my own time. I […]