Little Steps: Day 100 – 34,064 Reasons to H.Y.O.H

Day 100 has finally arrived. Way faster than I expected it too. Or wanted it to. I find it amazing how much, and what, can change, in just 100 days. In fact, what I envisioned day 100 would be like, is not the reality of what day 100 looks like. And I am not sure... Continue Reading →

Little Steps: Day 33 – The Trail Provides

Woah. 1 month down already? How did that happen?! I had an epic hike Wednesday. And I knew what I wanted to write about. I started to write. But was too exhausted. And then I had another amazing hike Thursday. And I knew what I wanted to write about. I didnt even attempt to start... Continue Reading →

Little Steps: Day 5 – The Smaller the Tent, the Bigger the Struggle?

Day 5: 0.0 miles / Total Miles: 2.41 / Days Left: 174 Eeeeeeeee. It is scout campout weelend! And not glamping like our family loves. I am talking, middle of nowhere, no cell reception, no electricity, very little running water, basic toilets. Adirondacks with bunks and no mattresses. Or a cold, wet, Oregon ground. We... Continue Reading →

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