1st week back at school went spectacularly well

Our girls went back to school 691 days after the pandemic began in our area. I procrastinated re-registering them and I may or may not be waiting for the other shoe to drop. But dammit - 1 week in and the smiles are just beginning.

After 690 days – they went back to school and this anxiety is not new

Parenting in 2022 sucks. It's been 690 days since the last time my girls were in school. It was hard then. This is going to be a different kind of hard.

Damn Plastic Wrap

But that damn plastic wrap won't budge. An unbreakable barrier. Not an impossible one. But a boss level barrier. I thought I had it all figured out. Then somewhere between taking the leap and flying - I fell atop a cloud on a no-breeze day. And it is here where I sit and watch each piece of my life balance on the precipice of surrender...or fight. I am tired. Am I not enough already?

Falling in love again as the pain momentarily slips away.

My husband and I have been together 15 years, 16 in December. Some months we are more roommates than romantic partners. Other months we are more enemies than roommates. But most months - we are partners in crime, partners in fun, partners in….chaos. Oh and partners in parenting. We bicker. We laugh. We experience. We... Continue Reading →

Neurodivergent Unschooling Adventures: Step 2 – Procrastination

Today is technically the first day of school here in our PNW district. I knew this day was coming. I even prepared the kids to be ready to learn today. Her favorite backpack filled with all. the. goodies. And here we are. 1 kid is awake. Watching someone play a game on Youtube while she... Continue Reading →

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