Brain + Soul = Living List

People write bucket lists for items they want to accomplish before they die. But I want a living list. A list of items that I want to experience while I am alive, without the end being death.So what is on my living list? There is a road that goes from Newport, OR to Maine, in... Continue Reading →

Little Steps: Day 100 – 34,064 Reasons to H.Y.O.H

Day 100 has finally arrived. Way faster than I expected it too. Or wanted it to. I find it amazing how much, and what, can change, in just 100 days. In fact, what I envisioned day 100 would be like, is not the reality of what day 100 looks like. And I am not sure... Continue Reading →

Little Steps: Day 50 – Tick you very much!?

Hi! I'm still alive. I hibernated. For an entire week. Thank you PMS. I didnt feel any guilt. I was too lazy to have feelings of guilt. And then I realized I needed to focus my attention on my house. Because believe it or not....I dont actually live in the woods. I actually live in... Continue Reading →

Little Steps: Day 13 – Life can Change in an Instant

Day 13: 3.81 miles / Total miles: 10.71mi / Days left: 166 / Time: 1:49:17 minI am not sure how I want to start this post. I am not sure where I want this post to go.When I write, I let the words flow. And I go wherever they take me. The words lead me.But... Continue Reading →

Little Steps: Day 11 – Trees are our Greatest Observers

Day 11: 1.36 miles / Total miles: 6.9mi / Days left: 168 / Time: 1:03:04 min I felt a little more confident today in a lot of ways. A little more energy. A little less paranoid. I was mentally ready for this trail today. But first, I had to drive to the trailhead. I havent... Continue Reading →

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