The Epiphany, Part 6 – Finale?

Valentine’s Day came. And went. Surprisingly, my passive aggressive “taking the high road” paid off. He came to his senses without me badgering him or accusing him or escalating anything. Phew. I was curious how that would end. But….we never did do anything “special” for Valentine’s Day. Other than spend 16hrs on the phone with […]

The Epiphany, Part 4.

Day 4! Welcome back. I know what you must be thinking. Why do we need this giant back story? Will it ever end? Will we ever get to the what the actual epiphany is?!?!?! Well folks, its my story. It will end. And we will get to the actual epiphany….at just the right moment. So […]

The Loving Myself Journey: Gate #8 – A Little Step to the Summit

I do not know how to start this post. So let me just get straight to the point. I have always known what has been holding me back from experiencing life. But I have always been in denial. Or maybe ignorant? I have always known what lays at the center of my pain. What is […]

The Loving Myself Journey: Gate #1 Results

If you remember from my last post, I figured out what the first rest stop was on my path to learning how to love myself. I needed to focus on remembering why I fell in love with my husband nearly 13 years ago. I needed to figure out how to reconnect with him. On an […]