Reflection: 43 Reasons 2022 Was MY Year (Even With Fresh Grief)

I declared 2022 to be my year. Even through struggles and fresh grief, 2022 did NOT disappoint. Building on the 43 reasons 2022 was my year, I hereby declare, loudly and proudly, that 2023 will be MY year.

Living List #1: The Polar Plunge – Done

On the eve of the 2022 Polar Plunge, the eve of completing the first experience on my living - I was 100% excited, nervous, and unsure. This moment was 100% scary, thrilling, and liberating. And surprisingly, it wasn't at all like I had envisioned the accomplishment would feel like. Read more to see how wrong I was.

Look Forward by Looking Back

From: Dec. 2022 Me To: Dec. 2021 Me "You invested in yourself and now a year later - are finally reaping the rewards. But you wouldn't have gotten here had you quit. And you certainly wouldn't have marked some items off your living list if you decided the path you were forging was too hard."

Writing my first novel during Nanowrimo 2021 made me question everything I thought I knew

And when you learn how something works instead of just thinking you know how something works - it can either dim your flame or make you crave it more. The latter happened in my case. I have missed writing. I have missed writing for the art of writing. I have missed writing for the sake of talking it out with my inner voice, of letting go.

Adventures in Solopreneurship: First Weekend of a Planned Unemployment – Pt 5/Final

Pt 5 (and final of this particular series) - Take Pride in being Unproductive - I will! Day 473 - Monday, June 28th, 2021 Captain's Log: 358am: Wake up - bladder must not have gotten the memo that I don't have an alarm. 430am: Bzzz Bzzbzbzbbzbzbzzzzzzzz - Dangit! Forgot to cancel the alarms on my... Continue Reading →

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