Akela’s Corner: The Meaning of Pack

Youtube: https://youtu.be/ihOhlSrK3f0 Look Well o’ Wolves. Look well…. I had to take a step back from scouts for a little bit. When we first started the Stay-at-home orders, I went full speed ahead. I made plans and wrote schedules and brainstormed and had a thousand and 2 ideas floating around my noggin endlessly for the […]

Scouts is our Home. Scouts is our Tribe.

I have started and erased and restarted the intro to this specific blog post today more times than I care to admit. Since I cannot think of anything philosophically awe-inspiring, I will dive right in to it. Something magical happened this weekend. I am a scout leader. But I am a parent of a scout […]

How to Prepare for the Best Part of Scouts – Camp Outs!

Our first camp out of the year is coming up in 10 sleeps! And I couldn’t be more excited! Our scout group LOVES to scout. In fact, we love it so much, that when our GSM sent out an end-of-the-year questionnaire – so many people replied that they wanted to do MORE scouting. As if […]