Little Steps: Day 50 – Tick you very much!?

Hi! I’m still alive. I hibernated. For an entire week. Thank you PMS. I didnt feel any guilt. I was too lazy to have feelings of guilt. And then I realized I needed to focus my attention on my house. Because believe it or not….I dont actually live in the woods. I actually live in […]

Little Steps: Day 33 – The Trail Provides

Woah. 1 month down already? How did that happen?! I had an epic hike Wednesday. And I knew what I wanted to write about. I started to write. But was too exhausted. And then I had another amazing hike Thursday. And I knew what I wanted to write about. I didnt even attempt to start […]

Little Steps: Day 23 – Pause. Reflect. Move Forward.

Day 23: 3.14 miles / Total miles: 21.28mi / Days left: 156 / Time:2:01:15 / Pace: 38’35 Yesterday was my first hike since last Thursday (Day 18). I ended last week on such a euphoric high. And then this weekend happened. And I desperately needed to go for a hike. I couldn’t go Monday. I […]

Little Steps: Day 17 – Friendship and Grief in the Trees

Day 17: 2.6 miles / Total miles: 14.6mi / Days left: 162 / Time: ? / Pace: 38’45” Today’s hike was a little bit different. My work husband was able to join me. Or maybe I didnt give him the option to say no. I told him I couldnt make him do anything he didnt […]